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Function Information

Template Documentation: FunctionInfo

Documentation in progress! Template works fine but I have to get the text for the usage demo right in the documentation here

For use with Function Library Entries.

The FunctionInfo template has a number of preset sections as well as capability for custom sections should they be required. The preset sections are as follows:

  • Versions - Applicable Access Versions that the function pertains to
  • Dependancies - Libraries/References or other dependancies that the function requires in order to run properly
  • Office - Other Office Suite software that the function can be used practically in, if it's not limited to Access alone
  • SeeAlso - A list of links for related reading

Each preset section is optional - if it's not included in the template call it won't show up, however Versions and Dependancies are strongly recommended.

Following the preset sections, additional sections may be added. See the examples below for demonstration of how to add custom content to the infobox.

Usage Examples:

Basic Usage; note line break requirement for new lines within sections'

{{FunctionInfo |Versions= - Access 2003 |Dependancies= - Visual Basic for Applications <br /> - DAO 3.6 or higher }}

Usage with optional custom content:


<div style=" float:left; width:33%;  min-width:250px; border: 1px solid darkblue; margin-right:20px; margin-left:10px; margin-top:10px; margin-bottom:20px; ">
<div class="maintitle" style="text-align:center;">Function Information</div>
<div class="formsubtitle">Applicable Versions</div><p>- Access 2003</p><div class="formsubtitle">Dependancies</div><p>- Visual Basic for Applications <br />
- DAO 3.6 or higher</p><div class="formsubtitle">Heading Title Here</div><p>Custom Content Text goes here</p><div class="formsubtitle">Heading Title Here</div><p>Custom Content Text goes here</p>

For help creating a documentation page, see Manual:Template Documentation

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