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> List Of Access Migration Services / Support Consultants, Access 2016    
post Sep 10 2019, 01:19 PM

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Hello UtterAccess,

Is there a list of consultants anywhere of companies that migrate existing Access databases to a SQL or Oracle back end and then provide support for this back end as well as consulting services and support for the still used Access front end? I work at a university and I designed a database that tracks our space. It has 40,000 space records with a number of attributes linked to each space record e.g. occupants, space types, function codes, etc. It also loosely "connects" with other systems with exports of data into those systems.

Some feel it may be time to migrate this to a more robust back end but this begs the question what about support for the front end that would still exist and some suggest finding a "canned"system to does the space management and where they provide all the support for both the front and back end.

Thus, I'm doing some research to find out what kind of services do what I briefly described above. I don't think my system is big enough nor does it have a lot of users to look for a canned system so the migration seems a stronger possibility.

Is anyone aware of a sound solid company that has been around and does this as their core business?


P.S. Eventually this will need to go out to bid and use our state laws and regulations but until that time I am free to communicate and do research about companies. A some point a Request for Qualification, Information, Proposal, etc. will be generated an then things become much more formal.

Thain of the Shire
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