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> Custom Ribbon And The Runtime Environment., Access 2016    
post Apr 29 2019, 07:58 AM

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I have a custom ribbon which replaces the standard, it’s loaded from the table UsysRibbon and at start-up set in the options > Current Database section. However it does not load at start up as another option called “What do you want to do today” and other items are displayed first, then after about three seconds the custom ribbon is finally displayed.

As I’ve tried hiding the apps window using API’s, minimising and then maximising the app and just about everything else (all of which made no difference), I suspect that the custom ribbon is not loaded until that app becomes visible, hence the delay. This never happened in 2010 only 2016.

I’ve tried disabling the menu bar but this does not work at all.

Surely this is the wrong behaviour for a Runtime environment.
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post Apr 30 2019, 09:10 PM

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Have you attempted to dump the use of the startup form setting, and use a autoexec macro?

That macro can call your sub in a standard code module.

Try this:

Docmd.OpenForm "MyMainStartupForm"

So, try using VBA to launch the application startup form, and shove in a doEvents before you launch the main form.

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post May 1 2019, 07:32 AM

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Thanks for the reply Albert,

The main app does not have a start-up form but runs code from the Atoexec macro whilst the main app is hidden (using an API) or placed in the task bar (Minimised), the task bar is also hidden and I can use either of these processes before the main app is displayed. A pop-up form is used to display the boot-up progress to users but it has no code associated with it and is manipulated by the various functions running.

Depending if it’s the apps first ever boot-up, another form is then loaded so that users can enter the first record (an Address and a Person) then a hidden form is loaded which sets a permanent connection to the back end (if it’s on a server/share) and monitors the apps progress at set intervals of one minute, it also traps users closing the app and so on.

All the above run from the Autoexec macro.

To complicate things further the main app is password protected so it’s opened from a very small additional database that passes the password to the main app. It’s also responsible for automatically maintaining the front and back end databases to limit bloat as well as the Help database.

The issue I have since moving from Access 2010 (a mistake I suspect) is that Access 2016 does not enable/show the Ribbon until the main app becomes visible,

There are some peculiarities I’ve used when installing this app in that if the user already has Access 2016 then I don’t install the 2016 runtime on their machine. I’ve no idea if this makes any difference but I will try this next and let you know. Another reason for not installing the runtime on machines with Access 2016 installed is the crazy amount of Office updates it requires on Windows 10 and 7 without which I’ve experienced many security errors and crashes if the user immediately attempts to run the app before installing the updates and re-booting their machine. I had implemented installing the updates in code but it takes an age.
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