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> Need Help On Older Access Version. Can Not Open Forms In Design Mode, Access 2000    
post Sep 1 2019, 01:16 PM

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A friend of mine brought me an old Access database (prog.mdb), I do not know the Access version, I believe it is Access 2000, but I am not sure. He asked me to do some minor modifications. Unfortunately, I could not open Forms, or Reports, or Modules in Design Mode. I do not see the Design Mode option when I right click on the objects.

However, I can view Tables, and Queries in Design Mode. It is only the Forms, Reports, and Modules that I am having problem with.

FYI, I open the database (prog.mdb) while pressing the Shift Key. I tried to play around with user permissions, and I see that the Admin account has all the privileges, including viewing Forms in Design Mode. I login as Admin, but still can not view Forms in design Mode. I tried to export forms to a new database, but I receive this message “You can't import, export, create, modify, or rename andy forms, reports, pages or modules in an ACCDE, MDE, or ADE database.”. When I export a table, no errors occur, and the table is exported successfully to a new database. Only Forms and Reports would not export to the new database.

I have done lots of research in the net, but unfortunately, I could not solve the problem. I must access the forms in Design Mode to do the modifications required. Any help would be appreciated.

Many thanks.
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post Sep 1 2019, 01:19 PM

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From https://www.lifewire.com/accde-file-2619461

A file with the ACCDE file extension is a Microsoft Access Execute Only Database file used to protect an ACCDB file. It replaces the MDE format (which secures an MDB file) used by older versions of MS Access. ... An ACCDE file also prevents anyone from writing changes to the reports, forms, and modules.May 21, 2019

Good luck with your project!
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post Sep 1 2019, 02:24 PM

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Well, it could very well be an actual prog.mde file that was re-named as mdb.

The security setup will likely NOT have been an issue unless you ALSO have a corresponding workgroup file (some file.mdw).

So, you “might” be dealing with a secured mdb application.

However, given that you can edit SQL, but not forms, then the error message you are receiving seems 100% correct.

Remember, you can re-name any file to any other file extension. So, renaming a myDoc.PDF to myDoc.xlxs does not change the file to a excel sheet, but it remains a pdf file with a different extension.

In your case, it looks like the prog.mde was re-named as prog.mdb, but it (so far) does seem to be an mde file. This being a mde file, then you can't change code or design forms. Perhaps the user can dig around, and see if any additional copies of the mdb file exist. Also, it is VERY rare that such applications are not split, since you would lose the data each time you create the mde file from the mdb. If this is a split application, then the chance of this being a mde is even more likely.

Albert D. Kallal (Access MVP 2003-2017)
Edmonton, Alberta Canada

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