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UtterAccess Forums _ Tool bars, Menu bars + Ribbon _ Adding The Equals... And Contains... Filters To A Custom Shortcut Menu Using VBA

Posted by: muse43 Jan 28 2019, 04:27 PM

Hi guys,

Hoping someone has a reference on this...

I am building a custom shortcut menu using the following type of code:

Sub CreateMyShortcutMenu()
    Dim cmbRightClick As Office.CommandBar

' Create the shortcut menu.
    Set cmbRightClick = CommandBars.Add("MyFilteringMenu", msoBarPopup, False, True)
    With cmbRightClick
        ' Add the Find command.
        .Controls.Add msoControlButton, 141, , , True
        ' Start a new grouping and add the Sort Ascending command.
        .Controls.Add(msoControlButton, 210, , , True).BeginGroup = True
        ' Add the Sort Descending command.
        .Controls.Add msoControlButton, 211, , , True


I found a list of all the ID's here:

It has almost all the ones I want EXCEPT all of the ones that bring up a text entry box. I've attached an image of where these are in the standard Access menu and the text box it brings up.

Does anyone know what the ID's it would be for these? Or is there some reason I can't use those ones???


Posted by: muse43 Jan 28 2019, 04:35 PM

Sorry, I had searched quite a bit with no luck and then after posting did come across a post that basically solves my problem.

It's here: