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> Intranet Excel File Sometimes Not Accessible..., Access 2013    
post May 22 2019, 06:29 AM

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At work we are using a excel file that has a script made by me to do some cell's additions on a data table. The file it self is always open on the remote computer and since it's not possible to place the file locally (not even with an USB pen) the file is being placed remotely on some sort of a "cloud", but sometimes that "cloud" is not accessible and when that happens and if that happen when we are adding a row into the data table the script stop's working.

My understatement about what happen is the follow :
When adding a row with the script accessible, all it's fine and all row is added correctly, if we add a row when file is not accessible some of the automated data is not inserted (i think excel will try to read always the script when something triggers it) into the cell's and even after the connection is regained the script still no longer functions (i believe it's because debug mode is active cause the last attempt to read from script failed). For a small/fast solution i have added a button that run's a small script and i thing this will force the debug mode to go inactive again.

Is there any way to go around this ?
I mean maybe disable completely debug mode and/or force the temp file to have the script it self on it instead trying to read always from the remote file or something ?

Thanks in advance
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post May 22 2019, 06:48 AM

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Why not test if the file is accessible and only interact with it if it is?

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post May 22 2019, 07:20 AM

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And how can we do that ?
Isn't that some sort of scrip as well (if even possible)?

If file is not accessible and if the temp file does not keep the script on it and it has always to check for the script in the real file (that is not accessible), some script will never do nothing.

So not sure what you mean...
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post May 22 2019, 10:30 AM

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try error catching and then doing a If statement for if source = < 0 Then else End if
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