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UtterAccess Forums _ Web Development _ Server Migration Issues - Windows 2012

Posted by: TinyGiant2010 Nov 1 2017, 01:52 PM

The old server was Windows 2003. I got migrated to Windows 2012. Evidently, my webhost didn't install FrontPage Extensions when they migrated my site.
I use FrontPage2000 for page creation.
I use Access 2007 dumbed down to Access 2000.mdb files.
All of the data for the properties is contained in one file, Listings.mdb. Logins are checked using Login.mdb values. Both mdb files are Access 2007 files saved in 2000 format.

That said, I have a login which authenticates by checking values in Login.MDB; and if login is good, folks get to browse for homes.
They are taken to a criteria page, then a roster page, then an individual record page; all based off of criteria page. This worked until 4 days ago, when "I got migrated" to Windows 2012 server.

Now, someone can get to the login page and key in login values, but then an immediate error pops up and "find homes" is no longer operational.

Site is and you go to "Find Homes" where can toy with a login of Steve and Sesame; caps don't matter. Then you can see what I do.

Any and all insights on how to fix this would be highly appreciated. I don't seem to be a priority for my webhost. I know this is old technology, but it worked almost flawlessly for 17 years up until a few days ago.
Please help.