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> Need Help With A Very Simple Project, Access 2016    
post Apr 26 2019, 08:45 AM

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I am trying to do a very simple thing but have hit a snag. Our office needs a simple In/Out Board for staff to quickly see who is in and out of the office. Rather than buy something that already does this, I thought Access would be a simple alternative. Creating the form is no problem. Creating the staff name with a drop down that shows In, Out, Field Visit, Vacation etc with an image that changes based on what drop down choice they make, no problem. That works, but I want for this to be a shared form that is accessed from a network folder and displays everyone else's choices properly as they open it up. My first issue, I have shared it yet anyone else who tries to access it is met with a "User has this form locked for editing" message. So, I think there is an issue with the share itself. I want it to be like a shared Excel spreadsheet where anyone can access it, make and see changes roughly as they occur. Also, this isn't set up with tables. Each user name is just a text label. Each drop down is a simple combo box with built in values. The after update event on the combo box then changes the picture, different colored LED lights, based on their choice. Will this work so everyone can see it, or does it have to be set up in tables to record the values and display the most recent choice, In, Out etc? Any help would be appreciated.
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post Apr 26 2019, 08:59 AM

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I'd urge you to review


To share an Access database, you must first split it, relink the tables and then deploy a copy of the front-end to each user (this is covered in the above listed posts).

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post Apr 26 2019, 10:37 AM

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Welcome to UtterAccess.

"Also, this isn't set up with tables. Each user name is just a text label. "

This is the OPPOSITE of an Access database solution. Access, like all databases, is built on tables.

Please invest some time in learning what Access is, and how it works.

We have some excellent materials here at UtterAccess to help you get started.

Think of it this way.

If you need to build a house, you do not start with the walls. You start with the foundation. In database terms, TABLES are the foundation; FORMS are the walls and roof.

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