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> Disappearing Vertical Scrollbar: Ie 11 Win 7 64, Any Versions    
post Feb 22 2015, 10:05 AM

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Sometimes I feel as though there is a department at MS whose sole job is to irritate users.
I recently bought a new laptop. It has win 7 /64 and IE11.
On some websites, but not all - and not UA, the vertical scroll bar just vanishes after a couple of seconds.

Now it is (sorry was) quite normal for me on a long site, to leave the mouse on one of the arrows, and click as and when needed.
But when the scroll bar vanishes, I have to move the mouse AWAY from the right position, and then back again in order to click on where it was.

I can find loads of people with the same problem, but so far no solutions, as far as I can tell.

It seems to have been a deliberate design decision.

Here is an extract from an official Microsoft Forum:

It might be annoying that the scroll bar keeps disappearing on webpages.
It is a design issue of Modern User Interface

and here's what OP said

I would hardly describe this as a resolution to the problem and no it does not help!

That was in November 2012.
Do any of you know if there is a fix for this? It's making me very angry indeed. I think I might move to firefox.
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