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> Making A Dll... Or Should I?    
post Jul 6 2019, 03:01 PM

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Background... saw Visual Studio was available for my work computer (through IT app). Didn't install, kept hanging. A few years later, company switches to O365, and I end up with a new computer, and IT puts VS on it.

So finally, I can play/learn VS.

I thought, as a first project to learn with, I'd take a VBA module and convert it into a DLL, see if it would run faster that way. The module hasn't changed and has been running fine since 2003, so I thought it would be a good candidate. It's simply a date "converter"... for example, give it a year and it will return the first date in the fiscal year. Give it a date, and it will return the fiscal year the date occurs in... there are a few other "conversions", but I'm certain you get the point.

So... my question is... should I? Would it really make it faster? I know I would learn something, but is it the right thing to learn? What are the pitfalls of creating a DLL like this, besides registration and distribution to the users of the database(s)?

Looking for good feedback...

"Nuclear" Nick
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