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post Jan 20 2013, 11:44 AM

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A good data model is the first step to realizing any database and Database Answers (free models) has several free models on which to base a business concept for getting some ideas to match what may closely complement your business model.
The concepts of database building are best conceived when thoroughly planned . . .
And the following links on normalization cannot be stressed enough . . .
Tutorials, KB Articles and Demos that can assist a new Access developer are found here: (NOTE: the links followed by a green asterisk - * - are connected to functionx.com - a very dynamic site that seems to be under constant growth and the links here may break from time-to-time. We do our best to stay on top of them, but please don't hesitate to !Report a broken link. Thanks!)
Finally, these links on other design considerations are also very helpful:
Microsoft has announced that Access Web Apps will no longer be supported. All AWAs deployed on Office 365 will be removed by April, 2018. AWAs hosted on an organization's on-premises SharePoint Servers may be supported for the life cycle of those SharePoint installations, which may be from 5 to 10 years. If this applies to your organization, consult your SharePoint administrator for specifics. Access developers who are interested in deploying their data on smart devices or in a browser should explore other technologies. For example, Microsoft plans to develop PowerApps as a way for power users and information workers to deploy existing data on smart devices.

And always avoid using ANY special characters (even spaces) in your object, control and field names.
Always avoid the characters: ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) ? > < + = ' "; : - ~ `\ | [ ] { } in naming conventions.
The underscore _ is usually OK, but can get interesting in certain code circumstances.
See Naming Conventions.
UA (BB) Code Help will help with mark-up tags.
UA Help is the general Help link.
UA Guidelines - are the guidelines by which we do our best to manage & navigate this community.
How to Post a Good Question - is an article on how best to post questions.
Finally, a note on UtterAccess Member Ranking:
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UtterAccess Enthusiast50
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