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> What do you use Microsoft Access for?    
post Jan 29 2004, 10:51 AM

UA Administrator
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From: Right here.

Survey for UtterAccess.com members
If you have a moment please.
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post Jan 29 2004, 12:25 PM

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From: California

My wife is not computer friendly, so I made her a user-friendly recipe book. She loves it.
At work I use Access as a Log Book to keep track of what's going on and for parts ordering. Also, for spending and budget tracking.
THere is a list:
ecipe Book
Log Book
Telephone Book
Parts Ordering
Purchase Ordering
Budget Tracking
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post Jan 29 2004, 04:51 PM

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Joined: 25-January 04
From: South Australia

I have developed two databases for the local Country Fire Service. [One] for recording Incidents attended, including membership and statistics and [Two] for recording and quick access to identify available hydrants in any given road in the area.
A Government Department to record investigations into Fraud (with statistics)
Two databases for a Private investigation firm.
It is a great hobby for a retired person and certainly keeps the old brain ticking over.
By the way, thanks for the DB sample involving passwords and security level for MS Access. I have been trying to achieve the same using an InputBox without much success.
Keep up the good work.
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post Jan 30 2004, 02:36 AM

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From: Argentina - Tucuman Province

I started with Access 2000 during 2000. Now I'm using 2002 version.
HAs I work in a university in a social development field, my firsts dbs had matter with popolation with the goal of distinguishing poor people from no poor people; I completed many of these works with excel because its charts facilities. Then I made some other dbs like a library db, a very simple admministration db, a food bank db, an NGO's db, a volunteers db, ecc.
During 2001 argentinian crisis, I began the design of a db that I finished a few time ago, to collect data from children and adolescents and to valuate their growth (weight and stature), taking into account our growth standards. This db do many calculations through vba code (considers polinomical equations). I'm very proud with its performance altough is not completely "normalizated" because it saves in tables many calculated values. Because its complexity or "my limits" I couldn't find a solution for not saving the calculated values. This db uses excel charts that are called from vba code. It also records other items regarding health as diseases, vaccines, arterial pressure (U.S. standards -complex-), biochemical analysis, dentistry data, ecc, and personal-parents-housing data.
All of my dbs are standalone. Just only one is located in a intranet. I use to split them.
In the region where I live, possible in all my country, there's not a culture that allows or facilitates the use of databases (except in banks or bussiness organizations). Also, it is very hard to find people to data entry and to use dbs every day. I think there's a no constancy culture. Many pc user have the micosoft office package (piracy), but only a few use access.
At this moment I'm thinking in commercial offering many of my db or similars. But there are many problems. One is that users needs access and no all pc users have access. And also pc user appreciattes programms that no depends of other prgramms. Access Runtimes are very heavy. What to do?
It takes me a long time to understand Access and to reach a not bad level. Could I expect other return from access different of the proud or pleausure I feel using it?
Oput a powerpoint file with pictures of some of the control panels of my dbs and forms, in the case someone wants to take a look. It is a near 500 kb file.
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post Jan 30 2004, 05:17 PM

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Im from the UK Bristol, and i build Access2000/2 DB's for the following:
mployee Skills DB : holds current employee skills and expiery dates, team details, training req, and more. built as one backend DB linked to by 7 client systems hosting the front end.
Contact management DB : holds phone books, with e-mails and addrress, meeting times and planner, auto mailing for address book contents and Message sending to any attending frontend DB from any frontend DB and Hand Over notes that auto display on luanching DB.
Generally i just love to code in VBA and see what i can achieve or ..not achieve some times..
Now attempting to learn Visual Basic .NET with the intension of using it to build front ends that pack that extra punch!
I have the same problems as many of us on here with Securing the backend DB against other users just importing your tables so i might try and code a table data incryptor that scrambles data before saving to tables and reverses the process only when the data needs to be displayed. If its a known
'no go!' please stop me now! otherwise thats gana be my next access project.
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post Jan 31 2004, 05:09 AM

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From: Chennai, India

Hi friends thank U for your kind help in solving the problems of many.
Access is great because of the power of crosstab queries.
Ousually use MSACCESS for educational purpose only teaching the elementary Select queries and Simple Macros and Basic Modules. I will hereafter refer to UA for enhancing my knowledge in Access as well as VB
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post Jan 31 2004, 10:17 PM

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Joined: 2-May 02

First used Access 5 years ago when I was a sales manager at a new technical training center (MCSE). We had students work off part of their tuition by cold-calling local businesses. Had a form for entering their contact info and 5 bullet points they would discuss. They'd click each point they talked about and check a box if there was any positive response to that topic. We'd then send a letter based on the prospect's response and follow up with another call. Also built a point-and-click resume builder for the students.
ruth is, I found I enjoyed building and managing the databases more than the selling.
Since then I've gone to work for a larger company and have built databases for contests, analyzing customer trends, measuring sales results, tracking salesforce activities, and just about any sort of data manipulation I could think of to figure out what happened last week and predict what will happen next week.
Ironically, I'm still in sales but most recently I've been building some tools for my customers to simplify international shipping and documentation requirements, shipment tracking, and invoice analysis.
At home, my 8 year old daughter is keeping track of my golf scores in a db we built together (she likes to humiliate me) and my 13 year old son and I are about to embark on building a db to try to figure out the 'dominant-gene mapping' he is working on in Science class.
At the most basic level, I suppose, I use Access to fill a personal need to create new things. It seems so much more 'respectable' than writing poems.
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post Feb 2 2004, 07:00 AM

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Joined: 5-March 03
From: Swansea, United Kingdom

At work (until recently) I used Access to run Nonconforming product DBs and complaints DBs and issue weekly and monthly reports. Also set up forms for use to show anybody in the factory the state of complaints and Nonfonforming products on a daily basis.
It home I use Access to keep a track of my fishing exploits, and photgraphs.
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post Feb 2 2004, 07:19 AM

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I have only started using Microsoft access in the last couple of weeks, it is the program suitable for my data basing coursework within my AVCE.
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post Feb 2 2004, 11:14 AM

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Joined: 11-November 03
From: UK, Belfast

At work I use MSAccess to connect to multiple online MySQL Databases (data collected by online PHP driven forms) to download applications for entry to and for placments from the Graduate Management Development Programme (Based In Belfast) that I work on and to store the Participants details and our Clients details.
It home I have developed a database for my Fiancee's Design Business to store her clients details and purchasing and order details.
Thankyou for asking. (What are you going to do with all this info? is it just curiosity?)
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post Feb 2 2004, 02:45 PM

UA Administrator
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From: Right here.

Well, I'll copy the 'original' post here:
Myself, along with a few others, have delt with a few 'issues' with Access 2003, and let's say, a few directional changes in how Access is constructed and how it continues to be developed. I am curious to know as much as I can, such as why certain features within Access appear while others disappear. Now, this has to come from somewhere: Either input directly to Microsoft, corporate decisions - something somewhere?!... I can only speculate.
If I (you and I) read through the replies, I think it gives a fairly good idea of how Access is really being used - not necessarily how it was designed to be used. Look forward to what Access may become, and I feel you and I can then better weigh how some of our current and future projects may or may not still be possible using this software. Like it or not, the success of the UtterAccess relies somewhat on the success of Access software, so again, I'll try to understand and gauge how UA should be developed or altered to best suit the needs of this audience.
Overall, to date, I find the replies fantastic and fascinating - and I do hope everyone will keep adding to the list - or re-adding should a new project come up. I don't have the numbers as to how many copies of Access version 'whatever' have been sold, versus how many are actually used to any extent, then versus how many 'real' Access users actually find UA, but from these replies, I believe UA can display a fairly legitimate view of Access users - and the usage is very broad and diversified - although...
I am still not seeing to date, in my opinion, either a great number of Access users moving towards 'Access and the Internet', or a demand for it - and this puzzles me a little as it appears to be the direction that Microsoft is now pointing Access.
Hope to hear from many more of you.
Thanks very much,
Gord Hubbell
Webmaster, www.UtterAccess.com
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post Feb 3 2004, 11:15 AM

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Joined: 22-April 03
From: new york

I use access to develop small to mid level applications for a town hall...I have not mastered macros or modules yet but am looking to get to know these better. I have been working with access for about 2 -3 years now and almost everything I know about it I learned on my own and from this site.
find access very helpful when creating searches for different records and when you are creating a database that will only be used by a small amount of people. As far as Access 2003 is concerned I haven't quite figured out all the new innovations and updates that are used but overall I have found it very helpful. I have wanted to employ Access on to a web page or such but in the past it just seemed to difficult to handle. I am not sure if the new version of Access makes this easier or not since I haven't used it too much.
This site is great and should continue and Microsoft should understand what developers really want as apposed to what they think we want.
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post Feb 3 2004, 03:00 PM

UA Admin
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From: Newcastle, WA

I have a simple, perhaps overly simple, theory. MS wants us to move to "Access and the internet" because that envirnonment conforms to their vision of the "connected" workplace--no more complicated than that. Stand-alone PC workstations are a thing of the past in that vision, so there is no reason to give them much thought, let alone accommodation.
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post Feb 4 2004, 07:58 AM

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Joined: 12-January 04
From: Mozambique

I'm really proud of an access database I helped build last year, as part of a project to improve the efficiency of a provincial government office which assessed claims for land tenure, and also assessed and received payments for land tax. Not only did the db help the staff work more efficiently, but it reduced opportunities for corruption in the process (meaning the financial kind, not the data kind).
It the moment I'm working on dbs to keep track of human resources data. Later this year I am slated to start work on a db to store information about disaster preparedness, e.g. the available resources in various locations, their state of repair, etc. These dbs are for local NGOs.
All these dbs have to run on computers far from the top of the line.
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post Feb 4 2004, 11:44 AM

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Joined: 24-October 03
From: Wells, England

I use Access in business.
Oinherited an Access based application when I joined the company and have been working on it (on and off) ever since!
It's essentially a phone bill analyzer that we send out to our customers along with their phone bill data. Think business phone bills, not home phone bills.
Produces lots of reports on their data, provides filters for those reports and other stuff. It wasn't designed very well in the first place, but I'm slowly making it better with lots of help from this and other forums! Thanks everyone.
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post Feb 4 2004, 02:54 PM

Posts: 31
Joined: 2-December 03
From: Cleveland, OH USA

I first started using Access back in 98 while in the USAF. Working in the Mobility section at the "Flight" level, it was our responsibilty to ensure our personnell an equipment were able to deploy anywhere in the world within 72 hrs of notice. We used access to track and forecast personnel training and immunization requirements, as well as our equipment's scheduled maintenance dates. We were recognized for achieving 100% pass rates during inspections. Once we showed our database to high ranking individuals it was adopted at the "Squadron" level (muliple "Flights") and "Wing" level (multiple "Squadrons").
now work as a field representative in the Workers Compensation department for a large trucking company. I use access to track information on individual employee injuries: treating physician, light duty schedule, appointment dates etc. I use the information to provide regional, terminal, and departmental managers with weekly, and monthly reports.
I must admit that Access has been an invaluable tool to me in my career.
I wish to deeply thank all of those at UA who have given me help in the past, and to those who may help me in the future. thumbup.gif uarulez2.gif
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post Feb 4 2004, 09:57 PM

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Joined: 30-January 04

I only started using Access in December and have already created:
oftware for a Major French car manufacturer which stores all their customers details including which dealer the customer bought from. It is used for courtesey calls and to help sales people get the customers to attend sales events.
My second project was for data entry for a Gas company. It allows the user to enter details on customers and arrange call dates while allowing the user to see which jobs have been done, call back dates and job which have still to be done. (This is the first project in which i used a switchboard.
My latest project is an Invoice system for the same company. It allows users to enter the invoice details on a form such as date invoice number descriptions etc. I used expressions for the first time in the project to calculate the NET AMOUNT, VAT and TOTAL. Once the form is closed the NET AMOUNT is then stored in the table along with Date, Customer, Invoice Number etc which allows the books to be done quicker and easier than before.
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post Feb 5 2004, 03:24 PM

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From: Iowa Lot

I am an environmental engineer, working for an international consulting firm, and as such use Access primarily to develop environmental tools, although I sometimes get on smaller side projects.
My first exposure to Access was with Access 2.0, sometime around 1995. I started developing using Access97.
Some of my work includes:
Wood Furniture manufacturing MACT compliance tool
Aerospace maintenance facility compliance tools (emissions, compliance)
Fugitive emisisons monitoring tool
Various coatings emissions accounting tools
SARA TRI calculation tools
Remediation project tracking tool
Various air emissions tools, interfacing with other databases.
Industrial hygiene personnel monitoring.
I have also used Access as an intermediate tool in data migration between old and new systems.
I also created a church member database.
I am mostly self-taught but learned a lot from the Access Web before I found this site. I have found Utter Access to be very educational, often discovering things I had never thought of or considered.
I enjoy the professional "can-do" attitudes generally conveyed here.
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post Feb 5 2004, 04:48 PM

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Joined: 5-February 04

I have been writing applications in Access for the past five years. Started with debugging and improving code to a frontend for the company labeling software for industrial customers, worked with Access ver 2.0 then. After moving from Product Support into the IT department, I started designing Access Database Applications for various uses. First project was for generating reports from FrontRange Solutions HEAT database using Access 97, first time working with a SQL database. The app would allow users to pull help desk calls according to various criteria, fiters and sort methods. Uses about 12 different basic report formats that the frontend customizes with data to show.
ext project was a Cartridge Maintaince System written in Access 97 and MS SQL backend, we rebuild laser toner carts. The application would generate serial numbers, track what builders worked on each cart, and other tracking information. Exported serials to file for import into MAS 90 accounting system, then tracked each serial number as it was shipped out using Invoice numbers from MAS 90. Also tracked RMA numbers from HEAT call ticket software to notify user when they were recieving the carts back for rebuilding.
This has now been partially re-written in Access 2K to include abilities to generate offsite serial numbers, in mexico actually. No longer export the serials to MAS 90, now when a cart is shipped it is tied to a sales order number. Later the new application pulls the Invoice number for the sales number from MAS 90, and merges the data into the old database. We still do RMAs the same way, but no longer recieve all the carts back. This new method still allowes personal to track carts through out thier lifetime.
Working on a Inventory/Bin location management system now using Access 2K, MS SQL backend, and asp.net for mobile devices. Have done many other smaller projects, an employee birthday, and aniversary db that would update web pages on intranet web server, various report generators, work order indexer (don't ask it's a mess), and such.
Have moved into vb, working on various .net languages too. I still like creating frontends using access, so much quicker than other methods. Speaking of such, better get back to latest wants on the IBLMS app. Why can't these people tell me everything they need and want in the first place?
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post Feb 6 2004, 02:12 PM

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I run the entire gamut with Access: I use it at work for Time & Billing purposes and for Work Order management. At home I use to track our households various collections (matchbox cars, hot sauces, comics, rubberducks, snow village...). Anything I can think of I try and use it for.
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