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> Preventing Duplicate Entries in a SharePoint List    
post Jan 31 2005, 05:37 PM

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Hey guys;
I'm not very well-versed in Access and I am currently administering a WSS site. I have a couple of questions on the SharePoint side:
Is there a way to prevent duplicate entries from being created in a specific SharePoint column of a list and from duplicate entries in a list? From what I understand, this would be the same as a keyed access table (I'm not very clear on that).
Basically, what we want to do:
If we have a list of employees in which we already have an ID number in another application, load that data into SharePoint and then prevent someone from entering another employee (into SharePoint) with the same ID number. Or at least warn the user that the value already exist.
That only references one specific column. If that is possible, is it possible for SharePoint to cross-reference across multiple columns when creating a new entry? IE: If X-user is scheduled to work on Z-date with Y-vehicle, if someone attempted to schedule W-user on the same Z-date with the same Y-vehicle - it would throw up an error. We do have Access 2003 so we can work with lists in that manner if needed.
Thanks for any help!
Joseph Brannan, CBNT
IT Admin
Clear Channel Radio
Columbus, GA
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post Feb 2 2005, 10:13 AM

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It cannot be done with the standard functionality within WSS. Everything in Sharepoint is stored in a SQL Server (or MSDE) database but it's not that simple as adding validation rules or constraints in the database as you would do in Access.

You should NOT try to change anything directly in Sharepoints SQL Server database. It might irreversibly corrupt your whole Sharepoint installation. All configuration must be done through the web interface in Sharepoint.

To solve your issue it takes advanced programming skills and knowledge about .NET, web parts and web services. I don't know of any simple way to do something like this.

You might want to take a look at MsD2D to see if anybody else have tried something similar
Bo Melin

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