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> Access Paperless File Storage, Access 2013    
post Sep 13 2018, 01:45 PM

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I have an access database where we store attachments. The files themselves are NOT in Access. Access has one record per file, and the file path is saved as text. When the open attachment file is clicked I have code that opens the file in the respective program.

My question is this. When adding aattachments I have the file name that takes into account record numbers, client numbers, etc. to make sure it's all nuice and clean and hyper organized, not to mention unique file names. But whn the file is opened (and sometimes we have several files open at once) that crytpic name is not very user friendly.

So, this is my question: When opening a file in Access is there a way to override what displays as the file name? So instead seeing an excel spreadsheet named "CL01234-WP5678", etc. I want it to have the nice file description that I have stored in another field, something like "May Statement".

Any help is appreciated!
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post Sep 13 2018, 02:33 PM

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I think you would have to give the file the friendly name that you want. That is if I understand your question correctly.

Attached is what I use.

Attached File  OpenExternalFile.zip ( 95.54K )Number of downloads: 47
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post Sep 14 2018, 07:37 AM

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Well but then if it is a working file, and chnages are made, how then could I get the changes back into the original file name?

I realize I could copy the file with the friendly name and open it first, that would b eeasy. The trick would be closing the file and getting the modifications back into the original source file. I can;t see that ever happening.

That's why I was hoping there was some sort of a "display name" property in Windows that might override (or perhaps supplement) the file name).
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post Sep 14 2018, 08:01 AM

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Change the way you store the files. When I do this I store all attachments based on a parent folder. The parent folder is named based on the Primary Key of the record the attachments are linked to.
In this manner I can record any number of attachments per record and the filename doesn't matter.

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post Sep 14 2018, 03:17 PM

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Whoa Nelly....

So the record for the attachment has a unique ID of CL1234-WP14541 (which is a combination of the client number and the WP #). I create a subfolder called CL1234-WP14541, and then I just run code to open the only file that sits in the folder which can have any name I choose?

That's pretty insane (I mean really cool).

And I can probably write some crazy code to convert the mess I already have... I would do it on a computer not plugged into the network though!!
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