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> Confirmation For Delete Object Has Disappeared, Access 2007    
post Oct 29 2019, 06:20 AM

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Just recently I have noticed that when I click to delete an object (for instance, a query) from the Navigation Pane, that it is deleted immediately, without asking me to confirm the delete request. As anyone will know this is of course very unsafe behavior of the interface, so I want to make sure that Access (2007) will always ask me to confirm before deleting any object from the Navigation Pane.

On the Microsoft Support site there is an article that says how to "Turn off object deletion confirmation messages" in the Navigation Pane. It says that I should go to the Access Options dialog box and click Client Settings. Unfortunately, however, there is no Client Settings item in the Access Options dialog box. So now I am at a loss how to turn back on object deletion confirmation messages. I also haven't got the faintest idea how this setting has been set to skip the confirmation question.

Any help will be very much appreciated.


I have just noticed that the objects that I assumed were deleted were in fact not deleted but instead moved to an Unassigned Objects group. MS Access keeps surprising me! Now when I click an object to delete it I am indeed asked if I am sure to delete the object. So that is as it should be. I'm actually quite happy with this unexpected behavior of MS Access, for in this way I can create a separate pool of objects that I want to get rid of before actually really deleting them. And because they have been separated from the objects that I want to keep they will no longer distract.

So I think I've kind of solved the problem myself.

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