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> I Am Having Such A Hard Time With This Simplecsv Function, Access 2013    
post Feb 25 2020, 01:18 PM

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I have this query which gets me the values that I need:

SELECT tblMeetingAttendees.email
FROM tblMeetingAttendees
WHERE (((tblMeetingAttendees.meetingid)=[forms].[frmstart].[meetingid]));

As a result, I expect this to work when I put it in a textbox on a form (frmstart) with the meetingID parementer:

=SimpleCSV("SELECT  email FROM tblMeetingAttendees WHERE (meetingid =[meetingid] )",";")

But the SimpleCSV is not filtering the MediaID, it's showing all records in the tblMeetingAttendees table.

So I tried to put that full WHERE syntax in the textbox:

=SimpleCSV("SELECT  email FROM tblMeetingAttendees WHERE(((tblMeetingAttendees.meetingid)=[forms].[frmstart].[meetingid]))",";")

But that threw an error on the Set rs = db.OpenRecordset(strSQL, dbOpenSnapshot) line in the module.

So I tried this, hard-coding the meetingid into the textbox:
=SimpleCSV("SELECT  email FROM tblMeetingAttendees WHERE (meetingid =8 )",";")

and that worked, it filtered the emails for meetingid 8

so i tired replacing the 8 with the field on the form:
=SimpleCSV("SELECT  email FROM tblMeetingAttendees WHERE (meetingid =[forms].[frmstart].[meetingid])",";")

but it is back to the error in the module

So, what am I doing wrong that I cannot get the parameter in the meeting id textbox to pass into the simpleCSV?
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