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> Testing your computer's security    
post Feb 11 2004, 08:47 AM

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With all the information that's been posted regarding firewalls, antivirus software, OS vulnerabilities and what not, I figured it might be a good idea to post some sites that will help you test you system for vulnerabilities and make some suggestions on how to shore things up. Keeping you computers safe and secure is on ongoing task and will require periodic checkups and updates. Some of the sites will provide deeper and more thorough analysis of your system and its weaknesses.

AuditMyPC.com In addition to testing the firewall it tests for other vulnerabilities. In addtion to revealing any weaknesses your computer may have it provides good information on how to fix them.

Gibson Research Corporation - ShieldsUP! Tests firewall and browser for vulnerabilities

Sygate Online Services Good set of scans. The first three scans are pretty quick. Beware--A thorough scan (i.e. all 6 scans) should take over an hour to complete

Security Audits by SecuritySpace Tests firewall for vulnerabilities. They have a couple different free scans. The No Risk scan is pretty good scan and includes a good synopsis of the results. The Basic scan performs a port scan of "1500+ known-service ports".

Qualys RV10scan

I have used the first four listed above (and have seen that others here at UA use some too) and the fifth has been highly recommended.


Symantec's Security Check -- I don't think it's as thorough as the ones above but I list it for those who want to check it out.

Broadband Reports.com (dslreports)

Other good resources:

Microsoft's IT Pro Security Zone

eEye Digital Security free network scanners

PC Pitstop's free PC diagnostics and tuneups

Remember security needs to be checked on a periodic basis to verify that what you are currently using gets the job done.

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