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Posted by: CadetITGuy Aug 19 2019, 08:14 PM

I have to make an attendance report based on dates. It need to be by date (oldest to newest). Attached are the required report and a copy of my query


Posted by: theDBguy Aug 19 2019, 08:25 PM

Hi. I think if you modify your query to look like your report, then you're all set.

Posted by: RJD Aug 19 2019, 09:14 PM

Hi: This is a start on a solution for a query to feed your report.

SELECT StartDate, Sum(IIf(Attendance = "P" And [censored] = "M",1,0)) As PM, Sum(IIf(Attendance = "P" And [censored] = "F",1,0)) As PF, ... , Count(StartDate) As CorpsStrength, Sum(IIf(Attendance="P",1,0))/Count(StartDate) As Present, ... FROM qryAttendance GROUP BY StartDate ORDER By StartDate;

(The censor entered Censored where your word for gender appeared)

You can complete the other fields for attendance counts and percentages, and clean up any other issues for testing. The percentages will actually be produced as proportions, but you can format the control in the report. See if you can make this work for you.


Note: If you grabbed this right away, I just made some corrections to the SQL (9:17)... so check it again ...