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> What do you use Microsoft Access for?    
post May 7 2004, 03:20 PM

Posts: 41
Joined: 5-January 04

I use Access to: make a Call Log application for Hipaa compliance and workflow for self-funded government insurance office. Also, use Acess to gather and audit premium against membership for health, life, and dental premiums (generate exception reports). Use for payment tracking.
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post May 16 2004, 08:31 PM

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Joined: 13-August 03
From: Hermiston, OR - Umatilla Chemical Agent Disposal F

At work I use Access 97 and have Access 2000 at home.
started using Access as a challenge from my former boss nearly four years ago. The company paid over $2,000 for a database that didn't function as they had invisioned (not that it was a bad database, just wasn't what they wanted...they were not sure what they wanted either). After asking many many questions, I designed the Safety Action Tracking System (SATS). Through reading books, searching the internet and finding forums such as this one I was able to create something that was functional beyond their imagination...now that I have a bit more experience, I often wonder why it works.
Since then I have changed jobs and now build, maintain and update databases on a daily basis...thanks again to forums such as this one. I have built databases to track Surety/Security Findings, Track Employees and their status in the CPRP, track Emergency Preparedness Exercise findings and observations. One of the databases that I am quite proud of the time it saves me is our Accountability Database. I use this database to make Accountability Card - which is also used for a second form of Identification on site. Although it is simple, it stores links to pictures and easily allows recreation of the Accountability Cards that get lost or need to be remade for name or department changes.
There are other databases I have built, but they are all very similar to the ones I have listed.
Many thanks to this site for helping me improve my skills. People at work think I am so good at what I do...I just tell them behind a good database is a wonderful forum filled with even more wonderful people making it work.
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post May 18 2004, 09:39 AM

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Joined: 4-May 04
From: Perth, Scotland

I first used access on an IT course in Glasgow to learn about databases. I had had a brief flirt with it when I worked for my previous company (3M) but did not get far due to lack of time/training.
I use Access at home for two things: to track my job applications and as an address book. I decided to use it as an address book instead of Outlook. I could customise access a lot easier compute.gif
Oalso do voluntary work for a charity. I am adapting their database which they use to generate statistics as well as log some details.
Therefore I find I am learning about Access. Utter Access great to use to find answers to niggling queries.
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post May 29 2004, 03:46 PM

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Joined: 1-May 04
From: Charlotte, NC

Greetings All,
I'm currently building an Access front end to a SQL db solution that uses a SNMP to monitor a fleet of networked mutifunction printers in a major hospital system. The goal is to be able provide a high level of detailed reporting on the volume/usage/problems/ trends of the fleet. I've also added other functionality such as automated supply ordering and tracking ect.
Ostarted with Access because I wanted to increase my pc knowledge and ordered a training CD. After the course I had no clue what Access was. This was frustrating to say the least so I decided I needed to build a database just to learn Access. So I built a db that tracked and reported some of the functions of my job at the time. It was a hit and other people in the same job as I began to use it. The rest is history. I just wish that I could spend more time working with it. Seems I'm always needing to do other things. Oh well...
ove the web site. It's the only fourm that I use.... Thanks to All !
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post Jun 20 2004, 02:47 PM

Posts: 18
Joined: 12-June 04
From: Los Angeles

Several years ago I got so annoyed at Peachtree Accounting (antique data structure, artificial limitations, unbalanced trial balances) that I learned Access and put together my own double-entry accounting system. Access has its annoyances, but not nearly so severe as that Peachtree system. The benefits are worth every hour spent in front of the computer.
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post Jul 8 2004, 05:09 AM

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I have developed Risk Management Database, which also conducts both internal and independent audits; it keeps a risk register of all risks, which have been identified. These include Occupational Health & Safety, financial, IT, suppliers, Human Resources etc…
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post Aug 5 2004, 02:40 PM

Posts: 5
Joined: 21-March 04

Started using Access in 1998 when I inherited my high school class list in Excel format. I knew that there had to be a better way, had MS Office Professional at my friend's house, imported the excel - and self taught myself. Took a database class, used the Class List as my project, and truly tweaked the performance of the information. That was when I learned I really liked the logical application of Database management.
ext step was to create a database for my Church's religious ed program. (They used a paper ledger to track all info.)
Now, I work with a Web-based Time and Expense Database at work. It was created about 5 years ago, with some definite structural/normalization problems. I am actually afraid to make any changes though, because we have massive asp code depending on the current structure.
Although I hate the asp for debugging, I really do enjoy working with Access.
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post Aug 19 2004, 04:55 PM

Posts: 1
Joined: 19-August 04
From: new york

I am a physician who wrote a custom practice management application in microsoft office 2003 and scansoft's dragon naturally speaking v7.3. to run my offices. I dictate nto dragon as a voice recognition application to transcribe my medical records which is saved as a word file and then composes various consultation reports and correspondance letters as necessary. The demographic and financial record data is held in excel and linked to access to establish relationships among the various tables. Access prints the invoices and then holds the financial reconcilliation data to link back to excel for financial analysis of the entire practice (cash flow and tax planning). Powerpoint takes pictures and turns them into a presentation for public and professional speaking engagements. Outlook is how I receive order from my wife on what to bring home for dinner........................................ compute.gif
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post Oct 28 2004, 11:30 PM

Posts: 4
Joined: 27-October 04
From: California

I use it at work to track various inspections of scales and gas pumps. And issue invoices and such
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post Nov 4 2004, 05:24 PM

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Joined: --

At work I use Access to run a (now kinda old) database that tracks the status of any job that we are doing. I use access with a MySQL backend to track the status of our bad debtors, this DB used from 5 remote sites.
pcoming project is to migrate the job tracking DB to a MySQL backend so that it can also have remote office's using it.
At home I use access as a front-end for data entry to my personal website (once again running on MySQL as a backend).
Omore or less us access97 or fairly exclusively the features in A97. As far as my webserver is concerned it could care less that I am using access to manipulate the data.
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post Nov 18 2004, 02:02 PM

Posts: 68
Joined: 8-February 03
From: Georgia, USA

I started using Access when I was working at a Port Authority. We were storing large numbers of rolls of paper to be shipped overseas and needed an inventory program. The existing software that was developed for the port was very good at tracking containers, but terrible at tracking rolls of paper to go into those containers. I set up an inventory system to interact with the vendors' information downloads, scanners, handwritten information and uploads to the vendors. It ended up being a terrific timesaver. I'm still learning more about Access (especially Visual Basic) and am currently working at designing a package to manage the scheduling needs of a convent which is also a retreat center. I have looked at a lot of software packages which can do most of what they need, but have not found one to match their particular requirement, so I'm designing one myself. We are currently having their mailing list put online, but I'm not sure if thy're using an Access-based platform or not.
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post Nov 23 2004, 11:06 AM

Posts: 157
Joined: 18-November 04
From: Schnecksville, PA

I'm the director of a non-profit community mental health center and I'm planning a similar db to the one you described. One of the key features will be incorporating speech recogniyion for the psychiatist's. Do you have any tips. Have you or anyone else ever tried using the speech recognition to input text directly into an access db. I would appreciate any advice.
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post Dec 4 2004, 11:20 PM

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small business applications
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post Dec 6 2004, 08:05 AM

Posts: 38
Joined: 24-January 03
From: London, United Kingdom

I'm a professional database developer working for an insurance company in the City of London. I use Access to connect to corporate SQL server db's and run reports/do data extracts and to develop stand alone apps. Been using it since Access 1 or was it .87 (all so long ago). Will occasionally use Visual Basic to connect to SQL or Jet db's if I'm absolutely dragged kicking and screaming but Access is such a handy datacentric tool its way easier to use than VB for db work. All my db's are heavily coded and use hardly any macro's. Very rarely interact with the web but then again our comapany dosn't encourage people trying to publish to the intranet so that's probably why.
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post Jan 6 2005, 09:45 AM

Posts: 229
Joined: 18-September 03
From: Halifax, United Kingdom

I started with a small database to link three departments that wanted to share information (sales, production, marketing) but used creaky excel spreadsheets that were massive and unworkable. (way too many records and information.)
M ade the Db to get out of my actual work. Left there and heard that no one wanted to use the new Database I created - not shocked. That was AC97
New place of work relied on lots and lots of spreadsheets and paper to store stuff. Costly stuff if lost. Despite some Lotus databases and the skill set to do some DB's instead. I created three there, purchase log, phone log and a sales log. All of which helped me and the other staff. That was AC2000 and full of macros... They were then the best thing I knew.
Left there and moved onto IT in Insurance where I have now started designing on 2003. They paid for a training course in VB and things lifted from that. I have created six so far to help process inprovements, sales logs, phone logs and customer details for in house stuff. Auditing etc. Ranging in scale from 2 users to 12 users and with management and directors requiring access for audits and monthly reports.
I am now working on SQL for the larger databases and have become responsible for the 40 + existing databases used throughout the company for everything from purchasing, accounts to sales and marketing. It seems the skill set is EITHER basic windows packages ilke Excel and Word. OR Massive skills like C++, SQL etc.
Access fills a nice niche in the middle at workable databases that run on any Pc for a cheaper MS licence and little or no conflicts with hardware, networks and even the more stupid user can work
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post Feb 14 2005, 03:52 AM

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Joined: 14-February 05

I have been thrown into maintaining an Access db for the Wildlife Rehabilitation Hospital I volunteer at. I have developed databases in purely visual environments before, but it turns out this guy is all VB - and I don't know any VB (or have anything like the time to learn it). So I am looking for a VB programmer who would like to work on a volunteer basis to help modify and extend this system.
There can I post this request? I realise this isn't entirely the right forum, but I couldn't see a better one in the huge list of forums at this site.
Anyone interested directly, please email me via gary at beilby dot com. Other than that sorry for hijacking this thread - at least I told you what I'm using Access for frown.gif
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post Feb 15 2005, 02:14 PM

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Joined: 7-February 05
From: Chicago, IL

I have been using Access for regulatory reporting for unclaimed property and all related processes. From mining data out of our data warehouse, to analysis and ultimately providing data/backup for the annually filing of unclaimed property will all 50 states.
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post Feb 24 2005, 04:28 PM

Posts: 49
Joined: 21-February 05
From: NY

Managing a camp waterfront. Keeps track of the swimming classes the campers have passed as well as what swimming tag color they have.
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post Mar 11 2005, 08:30 AM

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Joined: 10-March 05

i only use microsoft access for college projects at the moment!!
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post Mar 11 2005, 12:53 PM

Posts: 1,081
Joined: 18-February 04
From: Oklahoma

I use Access at home and at work for data management of many kinds.
I've learned, besides for creating relational databases, it's also a much better way to manipulate unrelated table data to view and print in different ways without compromising the data.
It's also an alternative way to view data from database programs that are not so friendly. If you can export the information, you can usually import it into Access.
At work I have developed the following databases:
1) CMInAccess - Store,view, query & report data from a FoxPro based program called Campaign Manager, which doesn't give me the flexibility I need. (The only thing I lack on this is an ability to read some of the text fields which do not export to a db or txt format. Any ideas on this?)
2) Payroll - Completes IRS, FEC & other payroll/contract related government forms.
3) Survey - Record & analyze survey responses
4) Contact - Manage contacts
5) Work Log - Print various reports from my work log for reporting to & invoicing clients
6) Committee - Combination donor management & financial database used to record, reconcile & report on all financial transactions, as well as extract donor information.
7) Royalties - Record clients' oil royalty receipts for reconciliation with 1099s, determination of depletion method, & completion of IRS forms
8) Auto/Mileage Logs - for preparing tax returns
At home I have developed databases to:
1) Index genealogical publications
2) Record & submit cemetery surveys & indices
3) Manage personal contacts
4) Manage club membership records
5) File ideas
6) Index libraries
7) Record volunteer hours & mileage
Oalso now create short-term databases to manipulate data I previously used Excel for. Whenever I have a worksheet I find myself sorting, totaling, and viewing in more than one way repeatedly, I know it's time to take it to Access.
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