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UtterAccess Forums _ Access Code Archive _ Fnetworkdays And Faddworkdays ... (yes Another One!)

Posted by: datAdrenaline Feb 2 2007, 11:45 AM

Here is another version of a net workdays calculator (often called business days). I created this only because the one I was referenced to was difficult to read for me {some may say the same about mine! }. Ultimately, the function I wrote turned out to be a little more efficient than others I have been introduced to (about 10% faster in my tests), thus my inclusion of it in the code archive. Another advantage to this function over others is the ability to handle a Start date that is greater than an End date, plus the option to include the Startdate in order to calculate the number of work dates as apposed to the elapsed work days.

I have also included a function to ADD net work days to a start date. The function can accept Negative and Positive work days to add.
Please reply in to this Topic or PM me with any problems, questions, or improvements that you may have.

The attached file is a zip folder that contains a text file, so it can be opened in Notepad, then copy/pasted into a Standard Module as well as a .BAS file, which can be imported in VBA (in VBA: File | Import). ( 5.76K ): 386