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> Using Sharepoint To Launch An Access Db., MS Office 2013    
post Jun 7 2017, 02:15 PM

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To All at UA:

I would first ask if UtterAccess Guru's work with SharePoint. If So, continue reading:

I'm super new to SharePoint as I used to use Lotus Notes for my FE (Front-End) access db distribution. With LN (Lotus Notes) you could create a document and within said LN Document you can add Pages. These pages could be designed to contain attachments and links on said page. This read only (by end users) Page would allow user to open documents.db's placed there as temporary files. These files in the case of access db's would open and link to their receptive BE (Back-end). This was great because it restricted actions that could be used on the DB if it wasn't protected.

Now I have to migrate all my work that has been on LN as a Split db to a stand alone (as I would call it) and then use the merge to SharePoint in Access provide the URL and the db gets split again with tables on Share point and the FE on SP( SharePoint). My issue now is after merging a stand alone db to SP, when I got to open the FE of Access it downloads it to a download folder.... This does me no good as I was assuming the FE would be opened in a temp file and linked to BE tables ow in share point. So, that leads to the questions:

How can I make my stand alone db merged into and split by SP and now a user needs to open a FE and do work in it without Downloading it.
I also have many questions about building customer permissions but first I need to make my db's work off of SP and not just Download a copy to a user's Download folder.

Even a well know site or directions about using SP with Access would be greatly appreciated.

I know this wasn't really a technical question but I seem to be missing something major to not understand why I'm unable to get my db's to work in SP.

Thank you one and all for at least taking a look to see if you can help out. Thank you.

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