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> User Defined Input Form, Access 2016    
post Jul 11 2019, 11:45 PM

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I am trying to make an application to hold lab data to replace what we now do clumsily in Excel.

Samples are routinely collected and analytical tests are run on the samples. The work is mostly repetitive; that is much of the time when a set of samples is collected the same tests are run on that set. So each set of samples typically gets the same tests on some routine basis (daily, weekly, monthly, etc). I want to allow the user to make "working templates" which pair up the sample name with the test name, and then be able to use that "working template" as the basis for a data input form with spreadsheet style rows and columns. Each cell of the spreadsheet would be the data record of "Result" for the intersection of the data pair SampleName and TestParameter.

I have been able to successfully create the forms which will allow the user to create the working templates (and template details) (i.e. which samples are collected and which tests are run on each sample). However, after hours of effort I cannot even come close to figuring out how to make data input forms based on the templates.

I know this may not be a clear explanation, so I created a mock database (attached) and the opening form is a mockup of what I am hoping to be able to have the user create.

Other ideas of efficient data input forms are solicited also. If I am headed in a bad direction please say so. This is just the manner in which we are used to working when using Excel as a flat file data collection tool.
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