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> Powerbi & Access, Access 2016    
post Dec 8 2017, 01:44 AM

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Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to know if someone can point me in the right direction with turtorials resources of integrating MS Access with PowerBI?

Looking to create reports and a dashboard?

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post Dec 8 2017, 08:48 AM

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Power BI can consume data from a large variety of sources.
Attached File  PowerBIDataSources.png ( 29.78K )Number of downloads: 10

So, you can easily integrate your data from Access.

You can publish your Power BI visuals to your Power BI server and use the link to the URL in your Access forms to launch and display them.

Up until recently, you could display the PBI visuals in a browser control in an Access form, but the November update to PowerBI broke that capability. Their response to my inquiries was, basically, tell Access to fix their Web Browser Control. I was very disappointed.

Nonetheless, the combination is a very powerful one, IMO.

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post Dec 8 2017, 11:16 AM

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GPG thanks very much for this information. I've been trying to sort out Access / Power BI integration and this helps clear the fog.

Can I post my own question here. I've been tasked with, and I don't think this is possible...integrating PBI *into* Access. Meaning, we have an Access frontend/SQL server backend, and we want to be able to launch PBI *from Access*, and I suppose link to SQL Server tables (but connections must not be exposed). I think this is not doable, correct ? And the client will never go for any cloud-based solution...

I'm starting to conclude the closest we could come is to launch Excel, with a pre-defined Power Query template to ETL the SQL server data in a form the user can understand, and use Excel reporting tools.

If anyone has any clues I'd be grateful. Thanks.

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post Sep 5 2018, 03:25 PM

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I know this is sort of a dead question, but anyway...

It looks like Access is out of the picture in terms of PowerBI. Sure you can get data from Access, but PowerBI is moving toward integration into Reporting Services. About the only way I can think of "linking" Access and PowerBI is to use hyperlinks to a specific report on your report server.
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