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> Questions Regarding Front/back-end And Editing Table Data, Any Version    
post Apr 3 2020, 11:11 AM

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I am currently beginning to setup a new database for my office to replace one that is about 15-20 years old. It is used to track deliveries to our campus where I work and tracks different companies to three different sites. I know the fields I need and the layout, but had two questions.

1) I have about 7 people that would use the database to enter information, so I was going to use a front-end and back-end setup. It may grow to 15 people. Would this be an issue?
2) In the prior database, I had a table of the companies that delivered that was linked to a drop down box on a form for entering each delivery. The companies the deliver to us change often and I don't want to end up with a list down the road that has a bunch of unused carriers. Is there a way to setup the table/list so that I can add/remove/edit the companies/carriers without changing the records that have been created prior?

This would be getting created using Access 365 or Access 2016.. Im not sure which my company has installed right now.

Thank you
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post Apr 3 2020, 11:52 AM

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1) 15 workstations on a LAN will not be an issue as long as the Access backend lives on a server running Windows Server. Windows 10 is a workstation OS that's not designed to function as a server.
2) If you remove delivery companies from the lookup table, then any records that reference the removed company will loose that reference, so its better to only logically delete the company by creating a new "Discontinued" Yes/No filed in the lookup table and set it to Yes/True. Then you can filter out the Discontinued companies from your dropdown combo box so that only the active companies are displayed. This way when you look at a delivery record that has a discontinued delivery company you will still be able to see which company delivered it, plus you might reactivate the company in the future. One of our biggest Access customers is a white glove delivery company who often subcontracts new delivery companies as well as discontinuing others, but what we did in their app is to create a delivery company master table and the active/inactive field is in that table, so dropdown combobox uses that master table as the record source and filters out the inactive companies.

Which database are you migrating from?
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Currently supporting pawnbrokers that use my store management system developed with Access 2010 on Windows7. Experienced with Informix, Oracle & PostgreSQL db's.
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post Apr 3 2020, 12:54 PM

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The one we have now was created in Access 2003. It has since been converted a couple times to updated versions and still "works", but every once in awhile we get errors that show up. We also do business now differently and I want to create a new DB that I can incorporate those changes into. I'm not that adept in Access and I can figure out some things that were done, but there's so much that is different that I figured a new start would be best and more stable.

Thank you for advice on my questions. I'm hoping I can get this up and running soon.
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