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> Properly Using References    
post Jul 29 2002, 12:43 PM

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This problem is actually in Reflections VBA but I think it is generic in nature. Here is the code I am having trouble with:
If btnQTD Then
temp = RoundUp(3.5) <------------ this is the problem
thisweek = CInt(DateDiff("w", DateSerial(Year(Now()), 1, 1), Now(), vbSunday) / (1)) + 1
QtrStart = DateSerial(Year(Now()), 1, 1) + 7 - WeekDay(DateSerial(Year(Now()), 1, 1), 1) + (13 * 7)
End If
I want to use Excel's RoundUp function. According to the object browser it is in the Excel Library as a Worksheet function.
I have referenced Microsoft Excel 9.0 Object Library. However, the "RoundUp" line gives me a "Sub or Function is not defined error."
Would somebody explain what I am doing incorrectly?
san jose, CA
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post Jul 29 2002, 01:28 PM

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From: California, USA

Dim sngTemp As Single
sngTemp = Application.WorksheetFunction.RoundUp(3.57, 1)
MsgBox sngTemp
Owent ahead and declared the variable as a single so that it would support decimals, unless you want integers.
To use a worksheet function, you need to specify "application.worksheetfunction." before the function. The RoundUp function also requires 2 arguments, the number being rounded and the # of decimal places you want to round to. If you want to round to whole numbers, you would use roundup(3.5,0).
Hope this helps!
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