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> How To Get Past Write Conflict, Access 2016    
post May 22 2020, 09:42 AM

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I have a database with MS Access 2016 on the Front, and SQL Server on the back. (In the process of moving to the SQL Back)

One form I have is set as continuous forms to show a list of employees. By clicking on an employee, it loads a 2nd form with Payroll Transactions- to make changes for pay versus time-off etc. [The form sets a tempvar which is then used upon loading the 2nd form]

After making any changes, the 2nd form will not commit the changes- indicating a write conflict and that the record has been changed by another user, etc.

1st- There are no other users in the db, so I would assume the 1st form is submitting a record lock against the table or record.

I have already attempted options that close the first form just after opening the 2nd- still doesn't work. I've attempted to set the form to me.dirty=false upon opening to remove potential locks- still doesn't work. I've also attempted to set a separate UPDATE query per changed field to run upon close, but then get an object error.

Unfortunately, without some major redesign considerations, I am a bit stumped how I can commit my data here. The design loads some calculated data upon opening the 2nd form and links to information from two tables, so it is not as simple as just changing the new open form to link to a specific table independently. Just as a point of interest- this method has worked when everything was in Access alone without issue. It is simply moving it to SQL that the error has began.

Thoughts, considerations, suggestions?
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