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> Ms Access User Permissions And Role Mapping, Access 2013    
post Nov 27 2018, 09:14 AM

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Hi folks. Im new here so i hope ive posted to the right place on this website.sorry this is so long.

I'm building a database for work. I work on a small team of about 5. We also manage several different projects (assume 2 projects per person)

My goal is to control access to the database by user name and password. This seems to be achieveable by making a users table, and a permissions table, and assigning each user a number that is based on the permissions table.

So I think it would look like this
Permissions table:

Developer as integer 1 (open back end, tool ribbons, and left side navigation pan)

Admin as integer 2 (all rights to include seeing user data and roll mapping)

Program manager as integer 3 (access to all forms and reports)

Team member as integer 4 (access to only specific forms and reports)

Username table:
User 1 as integer 1
User 2 as integer 2
User 3 as integer 3
User 4 as integer 4
And so on with additional users being assigned any integer to give then the correct level of access. So...
User 5 as intger 3
User 6 as intger 2
Blah blah blah

There will be a main menu splash screen after logon and the menu buttons will activate depending on what permission level that person has.

I've watched videos of that approach and I think I can do it with some time. But I'm getting hung up on the role mapping piece.

See my objective is to be able to assign 1 or more projects to one person( no more than 3 projects to a person). And when thy sign in they will only be able to see data related to their project. I expect to do this by making the user select a project name from a drop down menu before they can click on any menu buttons to advance through the system to edit any data or pull any reports.

I know how to make querys to filter tables based on a combo box selection. But I just don't know how to make the main menu combo box show only the projects that user is assigned to.

Additionally I'd also like to allow the user to see projects in the menu box that they are an alternate point of contact to.

For exmple if John is assigned to project a and b, and Jane is assigned to project c and d. Let's say that John goes on vacation for 2 weeks. Then John can assign Jane as alternate to his projects for a given length of time he specifies. So within that length of time Jane can see project a and b in her menu box so she can manage those in John's absence. Then once that time period has expired projects a and b will dissapear from Jane's menu box because she is no longer the alternate contact.

I know this is a lot but I feel like it's achievable with the right tables set up and the right code.
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post Nov 27 2018, 09:29 AM

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See my example database which does practically everything you want
Password login with session login information


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