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> Creating A 2 Plus/minus Range From A Given Number, Access 2013    
post Nov 13 2019, 07:11 PM

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Good evening. I am trying to come up with a simple formula to create a Range from a given number.

Individuals begin our Holiday Season program with a Weigh In (lbs) field [WInNo]. At end of the 6 week program, the individual records his/her Weight (lbs) field [WOutNo]; I then calculate the difference as: DiffWOutWIn: [WOutNo]-[WInNo]

So, if I weigh in at 170 lbs and weigh out at 165 lbs; my result = -5 lbs, I lost pounds, no problem here.

Our goal though for this program is for the individuals to maintain their weight within a "plus or minus 2 lbs" during this 45 day period; this is not an exercise event to lose weight; but too maintain. If they maintain their weight "+/- 2 lbs", they are awarded 5 pts at the end of the program; there are other activities within the program to gain other points. If they gain more than 2 lbs or lose more than 2 lbs; no points are awarded. However; we also measure Body Fat % and there are points allotted here for reducing BF%

Back to the Q: What would be a good formula to use with this goal in mind to award them the 5 pts if they fall into a particular range of their "Weigh In" event, using the three fields? Thank You kindly... Curtis.
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