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> Soccer (football) League Database Help Please.    
post Dec 25 2010, 08:14 PM

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Hi i am 19 years old and a newbie using MS. Access and took some classes in college but i forgot some of it because i never used access. however i recently started an indoor soccer league in my area (Hemet CA) and ive been trying to make a database to keep track of all the teams and players. I used excel for the finances but i would love to use Access to keep track of players and teams because i can keep track of goals and all those things. i would make it easier for me and not do everything manually which i currently am. Can someone please help me with some advice on how to set it up. I have 16 teams divided in two divisions (each of 8 teams) i have two tables (one for each division) but i have been told to only have one table and separate the teams in other ways that idk how to do. have the database set up but i dont know how to make relationships between them. if someone could help me by watching my database and giving me advice please. leave you email and i would send it to you so u coud see it and tell me what you think. thanks.
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post Dec 25 2010, 11:07 PM

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daniboy: You probably aren't going to get anyone posting their email address here as you requested - that anounces it to the world.
olks here do want to help if they can, and you would do better to post your database as an attachment to another post. Suggest you Zip the file and post it - after scrubbing any sensitive data from it. Someone might pick up on it then.
Just a suggestion...
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post Dec 26 2010, 02:52 AM

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From: South Shields, England

Hi Daniboy,
Interesting problem..
I have put the following relationship diagram together which may be useful.
The purists among us may balk when they see tblFixture as I have included in it, a field to record the home teams and away teams score.
In case you didn't know this is a little wrong because there is also a junction table for recording what player scored how many goals in which fixture. In good db practice, you don't record something you can calculate but in real life, unless you are comfortable with creating queries to calculate both teams score by fixture according to their players goal count, just record what the score was for each fixture team..
It is always good to go into the design knowing what your 'rules' are.
I supposed, your teams had enough players for regular fixtures and you didn't swap around positions. This was for simplicity. The structure could be tweaked to allow for a new team creation each time the team plays.
You are not relying on the db to guarantee when the teams meet, their colours are not the same. You can do this by creating a table for the colour scheme but if it ain't a problem, don't go there.
Anyway, hope this is of some help..
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Attached File  SoccerRelationshipDiagram.jpg ( 48.15K )Number of downloads: 258
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post Dec 26 2010, 05:17 AM

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here is th file if you waant to give it a look
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Attached File  Elite_Indoor_Soccer_League.zip ( 128.13K )Number of downloads: 202
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post Dec 26 2010, 05:25 AM

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Hi Daniboy
id you not look at the previous post which has a Relationship Diagram for you??
You currently have 2 tables - this data should be in 1 table
I would call this table tblPlayers
You need to add a Primary Key which should be an autonumber
Your fieldnames should NOT have any spaces in them
You should add a Field called Division and then you can indicate which Division the Player is currently playing in
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post Dec 26 2010, 06:30 AM

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Here are some links to help you get back on track with Access; these are the best we have and believe they contain sound Access fundamental development concepts:

hope this helps
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post Oct 29 2019, 05:25 AM

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I exactly have the same challenge of creating a vba code in access to generate fixtures for 14 teams playing in a home town league. The games are to be played home and away, most of the materials I have had an opportunity to read only give procedures on how this can be done in spreadsheet.
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post Oct 29 2019, 06:45 AM

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From: England

Basically each 'entity' needs a table There are exceptions but your immediate need is to get something working that you understand and can support.

So League on the face of it should have a table with two records - Unless you don't have any information for it other than number.

Teams - These 'belong' to a league and 'have' players

Players 'belong' to a team So they are in whichever league their team is in.

Fixtures (basic results could be in the same table)

Scorers - A Player scores a goal at a Fixture. (Not sure if you want also to record Substitutions, Assists, or Red/Yellow cards. - Probably best to leave this for now)

One other point is that league position depends on a number of factors, and needs to be re-assessed after each game: So one of your issues is going to be:
Do you make it easy to create and support by recalculating the league positions after each game and Saving that into a 'Current Position' field, or do you only calculate that and display it on forms and reports. But ALL positions will need to be re-assessed, either after every game in a given league , or after you've input a set of results.
It is probably easier at this stage in your learning to store it after each calculation, - Especially if you want to publish league tables. - However that is not the 'preferred' approach. (Are you only interested in 'current' position, are does the position in previous weeks represent a requirement? or reprinting a previous weeks table?)

League position depend on Points, and possibly Goal Difference and Goals scored, and even alphabetical order !

Is that, in conjunction with the other posts helpful? - I've tried to keep it jargon free, and not mention keys, relationships etc).

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