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> A Way To Produce A View That Will Return A Value Even With Empty Table, Any Versions    
post Jul 17 2019, 11:21 AM

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Hi all

I want to utilize a view that will return a value to a field, even if the table (a worktable in this case) is empty.

When the table has a record, I can return one of the fields, no problem. Let's say I use this SQL to return 1 field :
SELECT MAX(serviceVal) as serviceVal FROM dbo.twkServiceTable

When there are no records in the table, I get nothing. Understood.

Now I want to use this view as a derived table in another view, but I want to return a 0 for serviceVal if there is nothing returned. Possible? Or is there another way to get to this resulting output (serviceVal if there is a record, 0 if not)

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