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> Totals In Text Columns, Access 2016    
post Sep 14 2019, 04:31 PM

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Sample date of table:
Date | Jobnr | User
10/09/19 | a1234 | Bob
10/09/19 | b4384 | Bob
10/09/19 | a4595 | Stuart
11/09/19 | c9845 | Bob
13/09/19 | f8456 | Stuart

I've got a table with these 3 fields.
I would like to know how many jobs a user does per month.
And also I would like to see how many jobs a user does average per working day (so filtering out the dates that a certain user has not done any jobs).
I know the expression to filter the month by month number, but am not sure about the average and totals (guess it would be through Dsum but have no idea how to write this expression).

Hope anyone can give me a hand?
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post Sep 14 2019, 04:47 PM

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To return the User and a count of jobs completed by that user in a given month:

SELECT YourTableNameGoesHere.User, Count(YourTableNameGoesHere.Jobnr) as JobsCompleted
FROM YourTableNameGoesHere WHERE YourTableNameGoesHere.YourDateField Between #01/09/2019# AND #30/09/2019#
GROUP BY YourTableNameGoesHere.User

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post Sep 14 2019, 05:35 PM

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For all months:

SELECT User, Count(Jobnr) AS JobsCompleted, Format([Date], "yyyymm") AS YrMo
FROM YourTableNameGoesHere
GROUP BY User, Format([Date], "yyyymm");

Date is a reserved word, should not use reserved words as names for anything.

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post Sep 14 2019, 06:29 PM

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For an average of the number of jobs per day, do

SELECT User, Count(Jobnr) AS JobsCompleted, Datefield
FROM YourTableNameGoesHere
GROUP BY User, Datefield

and save that. Let's say it's qryDailyJobCounts. Then

SELECT User, AVG(JobsCompleted) GROUP BY User


Robert Crouser
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