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Posted by: Kruzer May 16 2019, 03:55 PM

Version = Office 365 (not in list so I selected 2013)

In my spreadsheet, I have a column that may contain one or more abbreviations in each row/cell or the cell could be blank. In the Word document, I want to be able to change those abbreviations to their long name. I can do this if there is one abbreviation in the cell but is there a way to return all long names based on the abbreviation(s) in the cell? As well, I would like each one on their own line. Examples:

abbrev1, abbrev2 would output as:

abbreviation 1
abbreviation 2

Posted by: MadPiet May 16 2019, 04:00 PM

I think you would have to split the pieces on the delimiter, use a table to match the abbreviation to the full text, and then reassemble them. But I'm more a database person, so take that with a grain of salt.

Posted by: Kruzer May 16 2019, 04:02 PM

If it was in a database it might be easier.

Posted by: MadPiet May 16 2019, 04:13 PM

Create database in Access,
Add linked table,
Use SPLIT() and write the results to a child table. Join Child table to translation table (abbreviation(PK), fulltext)
Query that and maybe reassemble there.

Posted by: Kruzer May 17 2019, 08:26 AM

I already have an Access database so may try something with it. Thanks for your suggestion!

Posted by: dflak May 22 2019, 02:57 PM

CTRL-H on the column
Substitute FullName1 for abbr1

lather, rinse, repeat for all abbreviations

then as a final touch
Substitute CHAR(10) for ,