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> Don't Know Exactly What I Need To Ask For To Get More Ports, Any Versions    
post Jul 20 2016, 12:27 PM

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I have charge over our inventory. This includes up to 50 "spare" computers. Corporate requirements are that these systems much touch the network at least every 30 days to "phone home" and see if there's any patches they need.

They gave me access to a room where the network switching box and phone connections are mounted. They then combed through the switches and gave me a whole 14 ports; the tech ran cables from inside the switch box so I can't open the box and actually connect to the switch ports - no problem with that.

And so every week I have to spend a few hours pulling down the dozen computers I have connected (mostly laptops for field use) and connecting a fresh batch. And tracking who's on first, what's made it to second, and often I don't know who's made it to third (nope - he's still on first!).

It would be so much easier if I only had more ports. But I'm just a user, not a technician, and I don't know what I'm asking for or talking about (and I sense their frustration and talking to me because I'm not on the same wavelength!). We had a tech walk through some of our other buildings and found two 24-port switches completely unused. Is it as simple as mounting one of those in my current room and plugging it in, and whoosh!! I have 24 more ports??

I need to request a greater capacity for plugging in computers. Can someone help me sound like I know something when I write this up??

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post Jul 20 2016, 01:47 PM

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From: Georgia, USA

You could phrase it like, "Cost of new ports: $100. Cost of me taking the extra hours per month to test due to limited ports: $1,000. I'm looking to save the company $10,800 a year. Can you please assist in helping us get better bonuses?" Feel free to jack up the amount of your monthly cost.

Option 2: "Dear IT people. Give me new ports or I will include the entire company on every e-mail I send to completely bog down the servers."

Good luck on either. Especially if your IT doesn't have a sense of humor.
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post Jul 20 2016, 04:14 PM

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The poor IT people at the ground level here are caught in between corporate requirements and the common sense of knowing what needs to be done.
The local upper level staff is so entrenched in "these are the regs and that's the way it is" that it's difficult to speak common sense with them.
And all of local is no match for the far-off disconnected high-level decision makers that have no clue what we really need (except very limited access lest we hurt their computers).

I was hoping for more of a layman's overview of what kind of component I'm asking for to do what I need it to do. At the bottom line, all the money comes out of *our* green, not theirs, so no big deal. But if I can present an actual solution that doesn't tax them too much, they won't kick back so hard when someone tries to make my case for me.

I get to write it up, but none of us are a match for a tech-speaking "I don' wanna!" guy. Unless I can show that we've already got it and all we need is permissions to do it, and it will save money.

I read the differences between a switch and a hub - and it basically came down to a hub splits the bandwidth but a switch provides full bandwidth. Okay - but I still don't know what will help me here. Is a switch what I need? Can I add switch after switch into one room? When do you run out of capacity to add switches? Am I risking overloading something by adding a 24-port switch into my current location? What do I ask a tech to check so I know that before I ask?

I'm a fairly knowledgeable user on this end of my data cable, but I'm pretty clueless about what happens on the other end and beyond.

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post Jul 21 2016, 02:47 AM

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From: Germany

Is it as simple as mounting one of those in my current room and plugging it in, and whoosh!! I have 24 more ports??

Basically yes...(well...23 more ports to be precise - one is needed to connect the switch to the network)

As you are able to simply plug in your computers in any of the existing ports, there obviously is no such thing as port security activated, which would allow only one specific computer on a given port.
And if you are allowed to connect all your computers to the company Network, there is no reason why you shouldn´t be allowed to connect them all at the same time.
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post Jul 21 2016, 10:13 AM

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Thanks so much for the boost.
I think I can make it go with this.

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