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post Mar 29 2019, 02:08 PM

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I have a split application in FE / BE that runs in network with MSwindows (the FE is in accde).
Does anyone know of a way that I can send a message (be it a msgbox or something) to users who are using the application?
Often, even now in the implementation phase, I have to update the FE and it becomes laborious to call everyone to close the file.

Thanks all for the attention
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post Mar 29 2019, 02:11 PM

UA Moderator
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From: SunnySandyEggo

Hi. I used to use Net Send, or you could email all users. If you want to use Access, you could try this demo from the Code Archive.

Just my 2 cents... "And if I claim to be a wise man, it surely means that I don't know" - Kansas
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post Mar 30 2019, 12:14 PM

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From: Edmonton, Alberta Canada

You can build a form that you launch on startup that is hidden. The form can have a timer, say every 30 seconds it fires. You then can type in a message into this box, and check a box “send message”.

The code in the timer form can check the status of that check box, and if true, then the form can be made visible and display to the user (this is good use of a pop up form).

Now, when everyone has exited and see that message, then you can go back to the form and un-check the send message box.

The message box form can be based on a table with 1 row, which it is bound to, and a nice big “text box” in which you can type in the message you want all users to see. As noted, if you make the form popup, then users can continue to work, or at least finish up what they are doing, and then exit. And I suppose the form could be read only (allow edits = no but you could edit the table directly and enter the message and check the show the message box.

Albert D. Kallal (Access MVP 2003-2017)
Edmonton, Alberta Canada
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post Apr 1 2019, 01:54 PM

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From: Mississippi

I get around that by storing a copy of the FE on the server that is for MY use only. Then I put that copy on the user's machines.

Frank Kegley, Microsoft Access 2010 MVP
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