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> Visual Basic 6 Recordset    
post Aug 4 2014, 11:12 AM

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ello everyone! Good day.. I just want to ask if this is possible
---->>>'Dim rs() as recordset'
my purpose is, so that whenever multiple client will connect to the server, they can use or edit the database at the same time...
this is my code in my winsock connection request:
Dim reqID As String
If Index = 0 Then

sRequestID = requestID
isocks = isocks + 1
Load Winsock1(isocks)
Winsock1(isocks).LocalPort = 2266
Winsock1(isocks).Accept requestID
Winsock1(isocks).SendData "ConOK"
List1.AddItem Winsock1(isocks).RemoteHostIP & " Connected"
End If
my code for data arrival
dim INdata as String
dim datain() as string
Winsock1(Index).GetData INdata, vbString
DataIN = Split(INdata, "Fz")
Select Case Datain(0)

case "SendInfo" (From this part to the Sendinfo2 works with one(1) client only, but it will no longer run when i connect other client)
(in this part, server will send the first record)
Case "Sendinfo2"
(In this part, the second or next record will be sent to the client)
i don't know how/what to do so that when my server winsock1(isocks) can send data from my database to different client at the same time.
please teach how could i do this... (sorry for my english)
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post Aug 4 2014, 11:44 AM

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No, its not an array...
im rs as recordset
sName = rs.fields("Name").value
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