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Posted by: access2009eg Aug 10 2009, 04:04 AM

(1)Suppose I scan 20 picture at same time and I want select every picture individually by selection tools how can I do that?
(2) can I save 20 file at the same time to specific size for example 4 kb with save for web not one by one . is this possible>

Posted by: doctor9 Aug 10 2009, 03:27 PM

To break up a single scan of 20 images into 20 separate files:

1. Select an image from the scan using the rectangular selection tool
2. Edit->Copy
3. File->New (the new image should default to the same dimensions as your selection)
4. Name the file, and Click OK
5. Edit->Paste
6. Save the file
7. Repeat for each image

You cannot do all of this "at the same time". You need to select each image manually, and set the compression settings to try to get the file to a specific size. Images are kind of like snowflakes - each one is different. A more complex image will require more compression to reach the same file size as a less-complex one.

You've already asked about saving to a specific file size before, and

I did you try the tutorial I suggested last June?

Hope this helps,


Posted by: Parradoxx Aug 26 2009, 11:54 AM

Dennis has the easiest solution.
If you have a standard height/width and resolution that you want each of the 20 to be, then there's another way using the crop tool. NOTE that if you get disconbobulated doing this, you will destroy your original scan. So be careful...
1. Save a copy of your master scan file.
2. Open the copy.
3. Select the Crop Tool.
4. Set the desired final height, width, and resolution you want for all of your images. Photoshop CS2 has these settings in the ribbon/measurements pallet at the top of the screen below the menu bar. You should only have to do this once, as the settings are stored.
5. Drag out a crop marquee over an image from your scan. The marquee will be constrained to the aspect ratio of the height and width you set in step 4.
6. Double-click on the marquee area to crop the scan.
7. File-> SAVE AS and save the image with a new file name. If you save over the working copy, save the image again with a unique name. Then, make a fresh copy of your master scan file.
8. File->Open Recent and choose your working copy of the master scan.
9. Repeat steps 3, 5-8 until all of the images are saved-out.
10. Remember to clear the settings on your Crop Tool before you use it again.
This method has more steps, but it will save you work later if you are trying to achieve 20 uniform images. If you are NOT trying to do that, then Dennis' advice above is the way to go!
Good luck!