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UtterAccess Forums _ Access Security _ Help! Linked Tables Are Now Hidden

Posted by: alopez20 Aug 5 2019, 08:43 AM

I have a database I've been working on that is split. the front is on my user drive (not C:) and the back is on the network As I completed my work on the front-end under interface, I ran a compact/repair. When the database re-opened, all the linked tables and queries were no long visible. After panicking, I found that they were all still there, but hidden. I un-hid everything, but they're still greyed out. When I right click on the table properties, the owner has changed from admin to engine and I can't change the attributes to unhide it. I am able to open the hidden tables and queries and see the data and design.

Is there a way I can restore everything to Admin? The only thing I can think of if create a new front end and link all the back-end tables to it and copy the queries and forms over.
Any ideas what caused this to occur?

Thanks in advance,

Posted by: GroverParkGeorge Aug 5 2019, 09:35 AM

That doesn't sound like anything I've heard before. The tables are now owned by "engine"? Is that exactly what it says (a screenshot might be helpful here)?

I would try to create a clean version of the database application. Create a new, empty accdb and import all of the interface objects into it.

Then use that new accdb to link to the tables in the BE.

Does that now restore things to normal?

Posted by: theDBguy Aug 5 2019, 09:36 AM

Hi. I suppose something happened during the Compact and Repair process that could have caused this issue to happen, but I can't say what it might be. Do you see a CompactError table? If so, you could take a look in there to see if you can find any clue. Otherwise, your plan to use a new Access file container would be a good approach. Cheers!

Posted by: alopez20 Aug 5 2019, 09:50 AM

Yes there is. It just says I don't have the necessary permissions to xxx table for every item I cant see. I created all these things, so not sure what happened during compact that would have caused the owner to change to engine. I did read something online that it could have been a loss in connection to the network server or something during the compact.

Posted by: alopez20 Aug 5 2019, 09:56 AM

I wish I could upload a screenshot, but it's against company policy frown.gif

Posted by: GroverParkGeorge Aug 5 2019, 10:56 AM

Again, that's a rather unusual problem. So, please confirm that you see this:

I'm wondering if this isn't one we need to run past the Access team?

Posted by: alopez20 Aug 5 2019, 11:13 AM

Yes, your graphic is correct. It used to have admin. I have a prior version that is still fine, but doesn't have all the new coding and those tables all say admin, so it's perplexing as to why the compact caused them all to change to engine.

Posted by: GroverParkGeorge Aug 5 2019, 11:15 AM


Posted by: GroverParkGeorge Aug 5 2019, 11:17 AM

I don't suppose this is actually an mdb? And that you have a system.mdw associated with it for the now-deprecated User Level Security?

I was initially fooled by the reference to Access 2007, but maybe this is not an accdb, but an mdb?

Posted by: alopez20 Aug 5 2019, 11:17 AM

Dumb question, how did you post a screen shot like that?

Posted by: alopez20 Aug 5 2019, 11:20 AM

It says it's an accdb

Posted by: GroverParkGeorge Aug 5 2019, 11:22 AM

I use SnagIt to capture images, but you can take screen shots in lots of ways.

You should have the option to add different kinds of attachments, including images and zipped files with sample dbs.

Posted by: GroverParkGeorge Aug 5 2019, 11:25 AM

Okay, the C&R process does create an mdb, IIRC, and then replaces the original mdb or accdb with that compacted mdb. So, perhaps something happened during that step, when the mdb has been created by (and therefore owned by) the DB Engine, but not returned back to the original "Admin" owner when the accdb was restored.

Posted by: alopez20 Aug 5 2019, 11:26 AM

Ah OK, it's the uploading that I can't do. I get stopped by corporate popo pop-ups lol

Posted by: alopez20 Aug 5 2019, 11:27 AM

Got it, probably a network interruption. I will commence rebuilding, was just trying to avoid it. Thanks!!

Posted by: GroverParkGeorge Aug 5 2019, 11:47 AM

"...probably a network interruption..."

That's an excellent point. Most experienced Access developers recommend that we do NOT do a C&R across a network. Instead, the preferred recommendation is to copy the accdb locally, do the C&R, and then return the compacted accdb back to the network location.