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Posted by: Plem Jun 17 2019, 06:41 AM

Hi, we have a need to translate documents that contain sensitive company information, so for this reason we require software that is stand alone and does not use the cloud or a translation service. Has anyone come across such software?
Many Thanks for any help

Posted by: nvogel Jun 17 2019, 07:48 AM

I don't have direct experience of such software but it does exist, Microsoft Translator being one example. I expect you have done a search already, so maybe if you ask the software vendors they can refer you to customers who already use their products.

Presumably you will want a human translator to review and edit the text, especially if the content is sensitive, because software translation is usually no substitute for human translation. I'd suggest that the person responsible for the translation should have a say in what software is used, if any.

Posted by: Plem Jun 18 2019, 03:34 AM

Many thanks for your reply

Posted by: DanielPineault Jun 18 2019, 07:06 AM

Machine translation is no very good. You need humans to get proper translations. If you want just a rough idea, then fine, but for official documents it simply isn't up to the task yet (although greatly improving).