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post Oct 2 2010, 06:22 AM

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Often we find ourselves in situations where we want to have some custom autonumber-like functionality, but getting it isn't as easy as you might think. You shouldn't use an actual Autonumber field, as per best practices they shouldn't ever be seen by the user, and DMax has it's problems as well...
One of the issues with using DMax in a situation like this arises in multi-user situations where the next number is obtained at the start of the record. If person A starts a record, and person B starts a record before person A gets around to saving theirs, then there's going to be some conflict in what you need to be a unique number. Also, DMax, being an aggregate function, will be a bit on the slow side when you start having many many records as each call to it will have to look at all of those records to get the highest one.
This code works by storing the next available number in a table which contains a single field and a single record. There is a seperate table for each incrementing requirement. When a new number is needed, this table is opened, locked, and the number is incremented, saved to that table, and then the table is closed and unlocked and the number is returned by the function.
There is no form interface for this sample. There are four tables (tblANumMsgs, tblANumQuotes, tblMessages and tblQuotes) and three modules (modELookup, modSleep, and basAutoNumbers). To demonstrate the functionality call the GetAutoNum() function from the immediate window.
Format 2000 for download. Created and testing in 2003, though it should work in any version. This only works on linked access tables! Extra verifications and locking methods will be required for other data sources.
Edit: 2010/10/12
Uploaded instructions
Instruction Supplements:
1) If you tables contain spaces you must wrap all table names in the code with square brackets to avoid a table not found error.
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post Oct 7 2010, 05:49 AM

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Hmmm. In the physical world, an accounting system that tolerates gaps in control number sequences is suspect and an open invitation to employee fraud. Let's say I work for XYZ manufacturing. We have some cash walk-in customers. The customer pays $100.00 over the counter in payment of invoice 12366 and leaves. I pocket the $100.00 and shred the invoice. Sometime later, an auditor notices the gap. Of course I tell her, "Oh that's just a quirk of our accounting system. That invoice never really existed." End of story? I think not. What you are looking at now is an expanded audit and balooning audit expenses.
aps in Purchase Order sequence numbers open similar opportunites for fraud.
Jack mentioned ISO. I can't quote chapter and verse, but I recall a UA discussion several years ago where the OP referred to an ISO requirement for the continuity of control document sequence numbers.
Incidentally, just this week, a local woman was sentenced to several years in jail for stealing $50,000+ from the charity she worked for. Chances are that she did the deed by evading the audit trail. Equally likely is that the flawed audit trail led to her detection, arrest and conviction.
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