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> Using A Top N Query As The Basis For Another Group Query Then Run A Report, Access 2013    
post Jan 18 2020, 07:20 PM

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I have been using Access Eorld Forums but for some reason am getting constant 'Database Error' page when I try and post.

Both the SQL statements below work on their own BUT what I need to do is have the second query use the results of the first as input and then have the report run off the results of the second query which is summarising and sorting the data. The code is below and what is basically happening is that the report is just running the second query and ignoring the first. Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong?

DoCmd.SetWarnings False  'This avoids confusing messages to the user that 'n' records will be being updated (or not!)

    Set db = CurrentDb()
    strSQL = _
         "SELECT * FROM qrySeriesPositionOverallIndividual AS X " _
       & "WHERE (((X.RaceEventRunnerID) In (SELECT TOP " _
       & N _
       & " RaceEventRunnerID FROM qrySeriesPositionOverallIndividual AS Y WHERE " _
       & "Y.RaceRunner = X.RaceRunner " _
       & "ORDER by Y.RaceCategoryPosition ASC, Y.RaceEvent))) " _
       & "ORDER BY X.RaceRunner, X.RaceCategoryPosition ASC;"
    Set rs1 = fDAOGenericRst(strSQL)
    rs1.MoveLast  'this will "populate the recordset"
    'Now run the Summary query to aggregate the results based on Sum(RaceCategoryPosition) for a Racerunner
     strReportName = "rptSeriesResultsByTotalCategoryPosnByAgeCategory"
     strSQL = _
          "SELECT RaceRunner, RaceRunnerNumber, RaceCategory, RaceGender, " _
          & " RaceRunnerFullName, [Club Name], HowManyRaces, RaceRunnerSurnameFirstName, Sum(RaceCategoryPosition) AS SumOfRaceCategoryPosition " _
        & "FROM qrySeriesPositionOverallIndividual " _
        & "GROUP BY RaceRunner, RaceRunnerNumber, RaceCategory, RaceGender, RaceRunnerFullName, [Club Name], HowManyRaces, RaceRunnerSurnameFirstName " _
        & "ORDER BY Racegender ASC, RaceCategory ASC, Sum(RaceCategoryPosition) ASC; "
  'open the report in design mode
  DoCmd.OpenReport strReportName, acViewDesign
  ' Set up the recordsource for the fields in the query
  Reports(strReportName).RecordSource = strSQL
  DoCmd.Close acReport, strReportName
  DoCmd.SetWarnings True
  DoCmd.OpenReport strReportName, acViewPreview

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post Jan 18 2020, 07:25 PM

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Hi - I think Jon at AWF was having some hosting issues which are in process of being worked out. In the meantime, welcome to UA.

I haven't studied your question in depth (just a quick passing-by here), but I think if it were me I'd try one query (or two saved queries) utilizing a subquery and see if I can get the end results that way, then base the report off that. Usually quite a bit easier than doing it in code with recordsets. Have you looked at that as an option?


Jack D. Leach
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post Jan 18 2020, 07:55 PM

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From: SunnySandyEggo

Hi. Welcome to UtterAccess! welcome2UA.gif

I agree with Jack. Just save both queries as regular queries, edit the second one to use the first query, and then use the second query for your report.

Just my 2 cents... "And if I claim to be a wise man, it surely means that I don't know" - Kansas
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post Jan 18 2020, 08:21 PM

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To reiterate from other thread:


1. Use QueryDefs code to modify saved query object

2. Pass SQL statement to report and have report set its own RecordSource property with statement

For option 2, the two queries will have to be one nested SQL statement.

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