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> Query Multi Calculation?, Access 2016    
post Jul 15 2019, 04:45 AM

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Hi All,
I need help with the calculation in my formula.
What I need is the following:
1) count total number of records in my query and divide by 20, lets say there is 440 records so the result will be 22
2) count total number of records that contain value grater than 0 lets say there are 367 records
3) multiply the total number of records grater than 0 by 0.25
4) divide everything by the first value (in this case 22)
I think there will be 3 calculation steps in this formula? 440/20=22, 367*0.25=91.75, 95.75/22=4.17 (This is the overall score)

I honestly have no idea how this formula should look like so would appreciate your input.
The name of the field is called: "Score"

Thank You
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post Jul 15 2019, 07:05 AM

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What field in your records are you comparing with 0?

Good luck with your project!
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post Jul 15 2019, 07:10 AM

UA Admin
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Many times it is much easier to have sample data in addition to an abstracted description when trying to come up with suggested approaches.

Could you provide sample data from your Access Relational Database Application for us to analyze and work with?


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post Jul 15 2019, 08:15 AM

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  1. I agree with GPG as far as Sample Data, but the actual Expression (NOT TESTED) would be something similar to:
    MyCalc: ((DCount("*", "<[Your Query]>", "[Score] > 0") * 0.25) / (DCount("*", "<[Your Query]>") / 20))
  2. Using Literal Values as CONSTANTS:
    Dim sngResult As Single
    Const conRECS_IN_QUERY = 440
    Const conRECS_OVER_0 = 367

    sngResult = ((conRECS_OVER_0 * 0.25) / (conRECS_IN_QUERY / 20))

    Debug.Print FormatNumber(sngResult, 2)
  3. the result would be:

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post Jul 16 2019, 02:32 AM

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hi Dan,

perhaps something like this:
SELECT Count(*)/20 as Count20
, Sum (iif (nz([score],0) > 0, 1, 0)) as NbrPositive
, [NbrPositive] * 0.25 as QtrPositive
, Round([QtrPositive]/[Count20],2) AS Result
FROM [TableOrQueryname]

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have an awesome day,
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