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> Numbered Street Names    
post Aug 1 2014, 08:07 AM

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This question isn't exacly about business intelligence applications but I'm not sure where else it might fit.
'd like to tap your experience with respect to numbered street names. Specifically what I am curious about is whether there is some sort of cut-off where a numbered street name would use numerics as opposed to the spelled out number. For example, it is possible that some communities might name a street, "1st Street" and others might officially use "First Street," instead. My thinking is that the worded format works ok until you start getting into larger numbers. For example, it would be difficult to fit 'One hundred and Fifteenth Avenue" on a standard street sign. On the other hand, there wouldn't be much problem that way with names like "First," "Second," .... "Nineteenth, " "Twentieth."
I'm interested in "official" name styles in use as opposed to how "locals" might casually write the name.
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