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> Have You Tried Powerapps? What Do You Think?    
post Dec 10 2017, 08:55 PM

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Thank you for starting this new subforum. It is much appreciated.

Because this is a new forum, it seems appropriate to start off with the basics.

  • Have you tried using them?
  • If so, what are your thoughts about capabilities, etc..?

Thanks again for starting this new forum.
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post Dec 11 2017, 07:04 AM

UA Admin
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From: Newcastle, WA

To be frank, I've only played around a little bit with PowerApps. I haven't been too excited about them so far. Perhaps they'll eventually develop into something approaching the power and usefulness of the soon-to-be-obsolete Access Web Apps. They do have the advantage of rendering on a smart device more effectively than AWAs.

I am aware of several other developers working with them to one degree or another. Perhaps someone in that group will have more to offer.
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post Dec 11 2017, 09:09 PM

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Microsoft seems to be behind the 8 ball on RAD web app development.

I've been playing with Weebly (jQuery and Php) a bit. I'm impressed with Weebly. It has it's downsides. You con't assign an ID to Weebly controls, for instance. So, when I want to build a form and activate custom jQuery code from a button, I have to use HTML to create the button. But, I can do it. I can put custom code in a Weebly form and push data to php for processing.

What I've seen of PowerApps - there doesn't seem to be much potential for customization.

I know Microsoft pushes visual studio for web apps. However - when I compare visual studio to doing something with jQuery/Weebly I'll take the Weebly tools any day.

But, my clients want something they can use with their Sharepoint platforms. I do understand that. Sharepoint provides a more secure environment to work in. (sigh)

Like you - I'd really enjoy hearing from folks who've used PowerApps and what their experience is.
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post Jan 21 2018, 02:50 AM

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From: Doha, Qatar

My background is Access and SQL Server and I've been playing with PowerApps a fair bit over the past couple of months (between jobs and wanting to update my skills!). My wife has taken on a restaurant business so I've been busy trying to build solutions to help her with that - always better to learn something when you have a real-world project to tackle! I put together an order taking system and some apps for managing stock in PowerApps and Azure SQL DB.

I started off somewhat skeptical (can't connect to a view in SQL, it must be pointless!) but persevered and got to grips with various workarounds and the somewhat different approach to app development (capture data directly at source, keep apps small and focused on specific tasks).

Once you get to grips with PowerApps it is a very quick to create and deploy apps that look good, have good UI elements, work on a variety of platforms and require little 'debugging' (aided by the fact that you don't/can't do any 'data-processing' or complex logic within the apps themselves). So I definitely feel PowerApps have their place.

I only ever built one true AWA (did a few backend AWA, front-end Access projects at work). It was for recording rental payments for another (overseas) business of ours that was being run by family members but because it required them to go to the PC, log in, navigate to website etc. to enter data (and they are not sophisticated PC users) it didn't work out. A PowerApp running on a mobile phone is certainly a better fit in this example.

PowerApps and Access share the fact that they are both pretty easy to get started with but there is a fair amount of depth and capabilities that can be exploited by the more advanced (e.g. PowerApps can be configured to work offline and sync when a connection is available - but you'll need to do a lot of reading and development to get that working). Unfortunately, they also share the trait that they do not lend themselves well to collaborative development or source code control, so tend to be limited to smaller projects/teams.

I'm now learning C# and MVC .Net Core to see how that compares. Certainly, there is a lot more to understand, configure and install before you can even get started!

Anyway, as I've been learning PowerApps I've been recording some video tutorials on topics that, coming from an Access and SQL background, I've either struggled with or found interesting. There is a link to the videos in my signature...
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post Feb 12 2018, 01:20 PM

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PowerApps is very sample for develop solution not complex and is very easy for use.

With Microsoft flow and connectors extended is complete for solution easy. for example send push notified vs. android and ios is very very sample...

I have develop a solution for my sellers with

Database Azure SQL
Microsoft Datasync (for update SQL azure)
PowerApps (connector with gmail e powerapps notification)

I hope to find many friends in this forum who use powerapps to exchange information.


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