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> Side Menu Interface Revisioned, Office 2007    
post Jan 12 2012, 09:14 AM

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From: Birmingham, Alabama

Can you confirm that you are using version 10_Final posted here?
had to repost version 10 after realizing I had not fully implemented the new permissions manager in the first posting.
I've tested the functionality of adding new forms and menu items and had no issues.
Step 1 - Import/create your forms/queries/reports in the side menu database
Step 2 - Select/create parent group item(s) that you want your form/object to fall under using the side menu admin form
Step 3 - Create child menu item(s) to point to your desired form/report/etc using the side menu admin form
Step 4 - Click the Menu Permissions button to open permissions form
Step 5 - For each permissions group you want to add the new menu item to, select user group in the combo box, then add parent menu group(s) this user group should be able to see, then add menu item(s) for each of those menu groups.
The available menu items are linked to the menu group selected in the assigned menu groups listbox.
If anyone else is having issues with the administration menus, please let me know.
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post Jan 12 2012, 01:12 PM

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From: Birmingham, Alabama

Open the ctlSideMenuPaneIcons form in DESIGN view, and double click the imlSmallIcons control to open the icon interface. Go to the Images Tab and click Insert Picture. See attached pic as reference.
Note: In order to preserve transparency in Access, you will need to convert your image (.gif, .jpg, .png) to an Enhanced Metafile (.emf). Stephen Lebans has a nice tool for converting to .emf on his site.
THere is the link:
Stephen Lebans transparency tool
Here is an updated version of Leban's Transparent tool.
Hope that helps.
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post Jun 5 2012, 07:06 PM

UtterAccess VIP
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From: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Is this the thread: Side Menu Interface Revisioned, Office 200
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post Jun 7 2012, 03:29 PM

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From: Denver - CO

I don't have a doc that details any changes to the side menu interface, but I've followed and worked on the previous thread for this menu. I'll bookmark this current thread and post the latest version I have once I get to polishing it up. The main improvement I have to the side menu interface was handling reports in the workspace window. Displaying reports in this type of menu presents two challenges:
1. You cannot include a report as a sub object within the workspace (you cannot have a subreport within a form)
2. When you run a report, it brings up the ribbon, which is what the side menu interface is trying to get rid of in the first place.
So, what I can up with was a way to output the report to pdf, then bring the pdf up in the workspace once the report is saved. I'll post that code to this new thread once I clean up all the "construction debris".
Thanks for keeping this thread alive....
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post Oct 24 2012, 11:01 AM

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From: Birmingham, Alabama

I recently received a PM from a member asking about the functionality of the interface login and permissions management. Their goal is to utilize user's network credentials to establish permissions instead of a login form. I decided to respond here so that other UA members wanting to experiment with the side menu might better understand some of its inner workings.
For those of you unfamiliar with the side menu interface, below are links to some of the threads concerning it:
Original thread and example by RexAbandon
Thread of my modifications and examples by jhcarrell
Additional thread discussing my examples by Aquadevel
Side Menu Interface Example by originalread
Side menu interface example by dummy2
Interface example by skynet
Any example of the side menu interface I posted was/is intended as a functional demonstration of various features and capabilities. None of the side menu examples I have shared should be considered ready for deployment as is. Additionally as I did not create the interface from scratch and didn't review/modify every aspect of the original example, but rather reworked functional behaviors and supporting code, I can't guarantee that everything demonstrated within the interface works as expected or at all. That said, UA members should feel free to experiment with and/or use any of the code provided within the examples granted that appropriate credit is given to the original authors, whether myself or others.
The following posts will explain in detail how the permissions are assigned and managed within the side menu interface and potential improvements that could be made.
More to follow ...
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post May 11 2013, 09:19 AM

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From: Fairbanks AK

i like the design of side menu v9 better than v10. because in v10 the grey-black buttons on the top and bottom, they dont really do anything. is there a way that you can put the permissions button that you put in v10, into v9? thanks i like the side menu though, im trying to figure out how to use it it my own database.
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post Aug 18 2013, 11:53 PM

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Joined: 31-October 10
From: Birmingham, Alabama

Hi John,
The buttons you reference at the bottom of the side menu in v10 were going to become user defined quick launch buttons. However, as I have stopped developing this interface, that feature was never fully implemented. The permissions setup was completely reworked from v9 to v10. It would take some time to rework v9 to have the same setup. Feel free to play with it and see what you can do with it.
- J
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post Sep 27 2013, 11:30 AM

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This is a remarkable project and a truly heroic undertaking, many, many tanks to JHCarrel and others involved.
I am wondering if someone can pointy me in the right direction for a modification to the interface. Right now, it seems, the default workspace is a dsahboard determined by the user's access level. I would like to modify it so that with the selection of a particular group from the left side bar, the workspace automatically loads a dashboard specific to that particular group.
I am sure it is possible, but before I get too deep in it, I thought I'd solicit gudiance.
Many thanks!!
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post Nov 27 2013, 08:28 PM

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Joined: 27-November 13

Just wanted to give you a thumbs up for this Project.
Been out of VBA Programming for a few years now, and picked up som old Projects againg. Browsing for some other Things i came over this great user Interface.
Yeah and i know that this post is old, but so am I.
Keep up the
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post Dec 23 2013, 12:51 PM

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Joined: 31-October 10
From: Birmingham, Alabama

Yes, this is a pretty simple modification to hard code, but it would be a better idea to come up with a way to manage it through the interface. You could set the form name for the workspace in tblUserAccessLevel if you wanted it to be determined by access level, or if you wanted to make it user specific, you could store the form name in tblUsers and ignore permissions altogether for the default form.
o modify the default workspace depending on what "group" is selected, you could store the form name in tblSideMenuItem and modify the side menu admin form to use as the interface to set it.
You'll want to fire the default workspace update in the clsSideMenu class module on all of the m_GroupCoverXX_click() events. I'd recommend writing a procedure specific to determine the active group and update the default workspace, then trigger it in each of the group cover click events.
Hope that helps.
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post Jul 11 2018, 09:37 AM

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Hi all, I'm a little bit late to this post (5 years late) and I'm using Access 2013. I'm also new to Access and to the Forums but I find the Side Menu very useful. Thank you very much for your posts. I'm glad I'm part of your community now.
(Sorry if I made any mistakes when writing. English is not my native language)
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post May 22 2019, 01:11 AM

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Hi all, I found this tread on the forum and im very inpressed by it and i would like to use it. When i put other frm in and make a button i get this warning. (see attachment). Does someone know how to fix somethink like this?
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