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> Openform Where Condition Applies Filter To Opened Form?, Access 2016    
post Nov 14 2019, 04:32 PM

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Hi all, I'm a bit confused about what I'm seeing here.

I have a database with two primary sections: Work Orders (one) and Discrepancies (many). On the Work Order form, there is a button to open the Discrepancy form and show all records for that Work Order.

I have the "Discrepancy" form, and the where condition is being applied from the button:
DoCmd.OpenForm "frmDiscrepancies", , , "[WorkOrder_FK] = " & Forms!frmWorkOrders![WorkOrder_PK]

However, this is applying a filter to "frmDiscrepancies" instead of behaving like a Where condition like I expected. My users need to be able to filter just the records associated with the Work Order they chose. Originally I had put the Where condition in the form's query, but I'd like to be able to use the same form to "View All Discrepancies" with a different button.
Am I using the wrong syntax, or does DoCmd.OpenForm not function that way?

Thanks for any help smile.gif
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