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> Facebook Dis-connect    
post Mar 22 2018, 07:11 PM

UA Administrator
Posts: -8,388,307
Joined: 21-April 01
From: Right here.

Just a heads up to anyone who might care, UA Administration has decided to remove our links to Facebook (FB) along with deleting our complete Facebook page.

This is of course to positively distance ourselves in light of the recent events with FB / Cambridge Analytica and also and perhaps most offensive, comments which have become public, which were made by Mister Zuckerberg regarding how he perceived (perceives?!) Facebook users - a statement he made during Facebook's early years.

You are welcome to comment as you please, perhaps express your own feelings though do recall, we do not (never have permitted) discussing politics or religion - and the Facebook issue is neither of those, more in my opinion, one of ethics, proper business practices and respect, or the lack thereof.

A reminder to everyone that any / all of your personal information provided to UA, remains completely confidential and we do not permit access to these records (encrypted) to anyone outside of 'these walls'. We never have.

Our most important guideline here is and shall always be, "treat all other members with dignity and respect. People who answer questions at UA do so for free. Politeness and appreciation go a long way."

Thanks everyone,

Gord cheers.gif
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post Mar 26 2018, 08:28 AM

UtterAccess VIP
Posts: 4,248
Joined: 4-March 04
From: Clarksville, TN

Love it. UA has always been awesome..I often refer to UA as UtterAwesomeness smile.gif
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post Mar 26 2018, 05:15 PM

UtterAccess VIP
Posts: 1,301
Joined: 1-January 07
From: Whittier, California, USA

I've never signed up for facebook so I cannot sympathize with everyone's pain. But I've heard it said that many personal relationships were strained due to the overly free, overly open, and overly personal expressions about of politics and/or religion.

With this thought in mind, I can see the wisdom of limiting philosophical discussions at UA to surrogate key designs versus natural key designs.
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post Mar 28 2018, 11:53 AM

Posts: 205
Joined: 13-April 06
From: Citrus Heights, CA

UA: Greatly appreciated.... If we could be a part of social media without malevolence that would be great. But since we/they, as civilized human beings, can't seem to get there, I believe UA has made the best decision.

Thank you,

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post Mar 28 2018, 05:04 PM

UtterAccess VIP
Posts: 4,073
Joined: 19-October 10

I know I'm one of the younger ones here so Facebook was maybe more relevant to me this past decade.

That said, good move UA. I have never used the Facebook links.
Infact they nearly got me in trouble at a previous job! Someone tried to dig up dirt on me and make a hit piece on me. They alleged I was going on Facebook all the time (which was blocked) and gave evidence they got from logs of all this pings to FB to HR.

Luckily I was smart enough to work out they were from the embedded stuff on UA and protect myself and get the nasty person attacking me to back off.

Long story short, glad they are gone. Causes problems and no benefits. Lets keep UA constructive and about the subject! (No politics etc!)
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Sandi V
post Mar 29 2018, 01:12 AM

Posts: 334
Joined: 21-July 05
From: Baltimore, MD

This makes me happy. I like our group just fine that way it is.
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post Mar 31 2018, 06:51 PM

Posts: 648
Joined: 27-January 07
From: Northern Arizona

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post May 25 2018, 07:46 AM

Posts: 385
Joined: 3-May 17
From: France

I never noticed anything about Facebook here. Seeing this post puts FB and UA in my head at the same time, and I realize that only one of you provides unblemished peaceful enjoyment thumbup.gif , while the other one does everything digitally possible to harass and control me. pullhair.gif

You know who UAre!
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