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> Populate Combo Box With Form Names, Access 2016    
post Sep 14 2016, 07:34 AM

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How can I populate a combo box with a list of all forms in the database?

Thanks in advance
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post Sep 14 2016, 07:56 AM

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From: Maryland

You would need to return the names of the forms as a string and then set that as the Combo Box's RowSource.
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post Sep 14 2016, 07:57 AM

UA Admin
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Do you want the actual form names, or a "friendly" name? e.g. frmManageVendors, or Manage Vendors.

This query will give you the form names used by Access.

SELECT MSysObjects.Name
FROM MSysObjects
WHERE MSysObjects.Type=-32768;

However, I would probably create a table with columns for the actual form name and a friendly version of it to show to users. You can populate it by converting that SQL to an APPEND.
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post Sep 14 2016, 08:08 AM

UtterAccess VIP
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From: Bethesda, MD USA

Here is another example.

You will need to have a list box named "ListObjects." And as you will see in the code it returns all the Tables, Forms, Queries, etc. that are in your Table. Simple remove from the code the Tables, Forms or whatever you don't want to show in the list.

Private Sub Form_Load()
Dim accObject As Access.AccessObject
    'Fill with Tables
    For Each accObject In CurrentData.AllTables
        Me.ListObjects.AddItem "TABLE;" & accObject.Name
    'If currently opened file is an Access database (mdb), then fill
    'with queries.
    'Otherwise, if it is an Access project (adp), fill with views,
    'stored procedures, database diagrams, and functions.
    If CurrentProject.ProjectType = acMDB Then
        For Each accObject In CurrentData.AllQueries
            Me.ListObjects.AddItem "QUERY;" & accObject.Name
        For Each accObject In CurrentData.AllViews
            Me.ListObjects.AddItem "VIEW;" & accObject.Name
        For Each accObject In CurrentData.AllStoredProcedures
            Me.ListObjects.AddItem "PROCEDURE;" & accObject.Name
        For Each accObject In CurrentData.AllDatabaseDiagrams
            Me.ListObjects.AddItem "DIAGRAM;" & accObject.Name
        For Each accObject In CurrentData.AllFunctions
            Me.ListObjects.AddItem "FUNCTION;" & accObject.Name
    End If
    'Fill list with forms.
    For Each accObject In CurrentProject.AllForms
        Me.ListObjects.AddItem "FORM;" & accObject.Name
    'Fill list with reports.
    For Each accObject In CurrentProject.AllReports
        Me.ListObjects.AddItem "REPORT;" & accObject.Name
    'Fill list with data access pages.
    For Each accObject In CurrentProject.AllDataAccessPages
        Me.ListObjects.AddItem "PAGE;" & accObject.Name
    'Fill list with macros.
    For Each accObject In CurrentProject.AllMacros
        Me.ListObjects.AddItem "MACRO;" & accObject.Name
    'Fill list with modules.
    For Each accObject In CurrentProject.AllModules
        Me.ListObjects.AddItem "MODULE;" & accObject.Name

End Sub

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post Sep 14 2016, 09:25 AM

UA Admin
Posts: 37,521
Joined: 20-June 02
From: Newcastle, WA

It looks like you have at least three alternative ways to get the job done.

Pick the one most comfortable to you.

Best of luck with your project.
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post Sep 14 2016, 10:56 AM

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From: USA, Florida, Delray Beach

One critical point not mentioned is that if you are adding Form Names to a Combo Box as you previously indicated, you must set the RowSourceType of the Combo Box to 'Value List'. Assuming your Combo Box is named cboForms:
Dim obj As AccessObject
Dim oProject As Object
Dim cbo As Access.ComboBox

Set oProject = Application.CurrentProject
Set cbo = Me![cboForms]

cbo.RowSourceType = "Value List"        'critical setting
For Each obj In oProject.AllForms
  cbo.AddItem obj.Name
Next obj
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post Apr 10 2020, 06:24 PM

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Thanks for posting this.
I did a quick search and found this information
I used
SELECT MSysObjects.Name
FROM MSysObjects
WHERE MSysObjects.Type=-32768;

Worked Perfect. Just wanted to say thanks
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