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> How To Handle A Form Save That's The 1st Step Of Command Button?, Access 2003    
post Jun 20 2019, 09:40 AM

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I have a command button's Click event handler that looks like this:

Private Sub cmdIssueUnit_Click()
On Error GoTo cmdIssueUnit_ClickErr

    Me.Dirty = False

    {other stuff to do}

    Exit Sub

    Select Case Err.Number
        Case Else
            MsgBoxErr Me.Name, "cmdIssueUnit_Click", , Me
    End Select
    Resume cmdIssueUnit_ClickBye
End Sub

When "Me.Dirty = False" fires, Form_BeforeUpdate() contains code that checks whether the form can be saved and displays a message (and sets Cancel = True) if it cannot. However, even if Form_BeforeUpdate() cancels the update, immediately after the "Me.Dirty = False" statement, execution moves to cmdIssueUnit_ClickErr and a 2nd error displays ("Error 2101: The setting you entered isn't valid for this property").

I could make the 2nd message go away by using a Case 2101 in the error-handling block and ignoring that error. But is that the way I should be doing this?

In general, how should I handle a cmd_Click event that first saves the record? Or should code require the user to explicitly save before clicking the command button?

Thanks for any help you can give.

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post Jun 20 2019, 10:35 AM

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From: SunnySandyEggo

Hi. If you're sure the BeforeUpdate event can handle all scenarios so you can ignore the error, then handling it would be fine. Otherwise, you can try adding a flag to check if the BeforeUpdate event was successful or not and act/proceed accordingly.

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post Jun 20 2019, 11:13 AM

Posts: 323
Joined: 20-July 11
From: Winnipeg, MB, Canada

Thanks. That helps.

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