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UtterAccess Forums _ Microsoft PowerApps _ High Level 3-tier Development With Powerapps All In One Hand

Posted by: RobKoelmans Sep 21 2018, 03:57 AM

Here's how you create highly professional 3-tier apps with staggering database performance with PowerApps without the need of a Visual Studio Team.

(.wmv files, zipped)

Note that there is no layer violation whatsoever, relations are done by bookmark indexes, so not even a record-id is retrieved or submitted by PowerApps. You can load from one database and store to another. Still, you couldn't beat performance if you did violate the layers.

Kind regards,

Posted by: nvogel Sep 21 2018, 04:36 AM

I didn't click on the links. I expect many people will be very reluctant to open something on Google drive unless they know what it is.

Posted by: GroverParkGeorge Sep 21 2018, 07:21 AM

I know Rob. There is no problem with his work.
Unforunately, we do have guidelines against external links.

I'll work with Rob to figure out an alternative.
What Rob and his team are doing is really important work, IMO.

Posted by: isladogs Sep 21 2018, 07:45 AM

I did click on the links before they were taken down and had intended to return to them as they did look useful and informative.
Unfortunately I didn't save the links so will PM Rob for details.

I do completely understand the reasons for blocking external links but wonder if at time these are too strictly applied.
Would a compromise be possible whereby any external links have to first be approved by a moderator?

Posted by: nvogel Sep 21 2018, 08:17 AM

isladogs, I like your name. Perhaps it is a clue to your location? From my desk in Canary Wharf I can actually see the Isle of Dogs.

Posted by: JonSmith Sep 21 2018, 08:20 AM

If I understand correctly the idea is that external links, whilst posted by a trusted member, can be compromised. UA therefore says no direct download links.
Instead you can redirect to a host page and decide to download there at your own risk.

I think its a sensible approach and completely agree that there shouldn't be exceptions, especially since that undermines the rules themselves too. Why should I follow them if others don't need to, I deserve to be trusted too right. Too much politics, keep it simple, follow the rules.

Posted by: isladogs Sep 21 2018, 08:25 AM

I grew up in London but that was a long time ago. Now based in Somerset (Mendips)
Haven't been to Canary Wharf for many years

I have a dog called Isla named before that became popular as a girl's name again due to Game of Thrones (or similar????)
When we named her, lots of people wrongly assumed it was after the Isle of Dogs ....

Posted by: isladogs Sep 21 2018, 08:37 AM

Let me give a practical situation which relates to example apps I've posted elsewhere.

Version 1 (zipped) fitted below the site file size limit so I uploaded it.
Versions 2 & 3 were too big so couldn't be uploaded. Instead I provided links to my website with an explanation of the reason
Version 4 - even the help file was too big to upload!
Splitting a zip file is possible but not always reliable.

One of the reasons why I've uploaded comparatively few example apps at UA as I know external links will be removed.
That's why I suggested moderator approval as a compromise for forum users.
External links for new users would I'm sure be rejected out of hand

Posted by: JonSmith Sep 21 2018, 08:40 AM

Sure, but in your examples, none of them mitigate the risks I laid out.

You can link to your website that hosts these files, you just cannot link to a direct download. I really don't see why thats a big inconvenience really? The links to your site won't get take down unless its a direct download.

Posted by: isladogs Sep 21 2018, 08:48 AM

If that's the case, that's absolutely fine but...
1. Someone recently posted a link to a GitHub page containing free Access addins. There was no direct download but the link was removed.
2. The links in this thread were for two video clips. Again no direct download.

Posted by: JonSmith Sep 21 2018, 08:50 AM

Fair enough, thats how I've always seen the download policy enforced. We have plenty of examples of people here linking to their sites and its never been a problem afaik unless its a direct download.
Perhaps there is some nuance with the likes of GitHub which could be clarified and thats why it was taken down? It'd be one for Ghubbel to chime in on I think?

I will say I did report the links in this topic, a google drive link, whether to file or video is pretty much a download so I think its against the rules.

Posted by: ghubbell Sep 25 2018, 06:18 AM

Rob has permitted us to warehouse the files here - thanks Rob.

They are video files, zipped up to travel. Download with confidence.

Gord thumbup.gif

Posted by: GroverParkGeorge Sep 25 2018, 02:09 PM

Thanks, Gord. Thanks, Rob.
Given the direction MS is leading us, this is useful information to have available.

Posted by: RobKoelmans Sep 26 2018, 07:44 AM

We can put the videos on YouTube. Would that help for anyone?