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> Revised Advanced Filter Macro    
post Jun 22 2005, 01:09 PM

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I am embarrassed to admit this. There were a few "undisclosed features", i.e., bugs, in my previous Advanced Filter Macro. I am better at writing code, I guess, than I am at testing it. At any rate, this release fixes those bugs. I have also changed some of the numeric formatting to be more compatible with the macro.
ingMartin has convinced me that selecting cells in a macro is a no-no. So I have spent a few hours replacing the select instructions with instructions that do the same thing by referencing an already existing range. Apparently, looking up a range name in the list of range names is very time consuming, whereas calculating an offset is very very fast. It is integer math after all, which computers can do really well.
Once again, any resemblance between the spreadsheet data and living persons is completely coincidental.
The macro is supposed to run with any list that means certain minimal conditions. It is supposed to check for those conditions before proceeding and stop if any of them are true. For instance, you will need to click a cell in the list you want the macro to filter before you start the macro. The list must consist of at least 3 rows but it can be one column if you wish. The first row is assumed to contain the column headings. Each column must have a heading that is different from all other column headings.
The formats for the data in a column are taken from the first data value in that column.
HAs your list gets taller and taller, the macro will of course tend to slow down. You can mitigate some of this by breaking your big list into several smaller lists and using the macro on the smaller lists.
Once again, I would like you to try it out and let me know what you think.
Frank Kegley
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